Monday, 12 March 2012

Getting to Know.... Callie

Greetings Muleteers!  Callie here!  What a fantastic weekend!  I promise to tell you all about it soon...  But for much more important things, I've been saving the best til last in my roving reporter series where I interview the muleteers, yes that's right ME!  So here's my 'Getting to Know You...' I think you'll agree it's far superior to those naughty minis ;-)

Name: Callie (aka Dragon or Noo)
Age: 4.5 years - the half is very important I'm nearly old enough to be legal!!
Breeding: Stupid question.... MULE, I have no idea about my parentage, a short ear and long ear I guess, they must've been good cos I'm mulificent!
Size: 14hh and still growing...
Coat Color: Dun
Favourite Pastimes: Working, showing off to the boys, eating the hedgerow and pulling faces.
Favourite Person: My handsomeness The Mini, he is soooo cute although he does tell me off a lot and won't let me share his dinner.  It would seem ferocious things come in small packages, he is so manly a girl could just swoon.
Favourite Food: Carrots, human gives me small pieces when I've been a good girl, I've realised this so try extra hard to please.  I also really like the hedgerow, there is nothing like a woody treat to finish off a meal.
Favourite Drink: Anything from a puddle or stream, I love checking out the different flavoured vintages from puddles and streams when I'm out and about.

Favourite Movie: Calamity Jane!  Did you know in real life she was a muleteer as well as world famous cowgirl?  Sort of my namesake, also female human's fave film.  One day I hope she'll install a telly in my mule palace so that we can watch together and sing all the songs, she said my voice needs a little tuning though, I don't know what she means!  Yeeha!
I also love watching this video - very inspiring :-)
Favourite Music: Country and Western of course as befits my cowmule status.  I love a bit of the Dixie Chicks and The Waifs
Favourite Book: The Natural Superiority of Mules - need I say more?!!  I also love George Martin's Game of Thrones books, I could be a dragon princess in this series!
Favourite Car: I'd love a Mazda MX 5 in hot pink please, it has to be a convertible to provide ear clearance.

I'm forever showing the short ears how to do stuff!
Favorite Words: Time to go to work!  I also love the sound of 'walk on' , music to my mulificent ears.
Unique Talent: I am talented in every way possible, if I had to choose one it would be looking good.  Oh and I'm quite brave and show the short ears how to be a proper equine!
Guilty Pleasure: I love the naughty kitty cat Catanian, I have been known to take her for a ride and lick her when no one is looking.  I also spend hours every night watching the cars and trains in the distance, their headlights are mesmerising, it is my duty to protect the herd but secretly I enjoy train spotting!

Least Favourite Thing: I don't like hanging around, if you're gonna do something DO IT NOW!!
Favourite Vice: I love to eat wood.... I'm not that fussy; fence rails, trees, logs, hedges they're all the same to me :-)
Favourite Colour: Hot Pink of course!  I need some pink toe paint but human says it doesn't come in big enough sizes :-(
My ass is bigger than your ass.... Mules Rule!
Favourite Clothing: My cow mule gear, I love my comfy western saddle, mostly because it means that I'm about the work - yippee!
Favourite Possession: The Mini, he says I don't own him but come on girls we all know that's not true, right?
Alternative Career: Super Model, Rocket Scientist, Brain Surgeon, Campaigner for World Peace or maybe just Queen of the World - aim high I say!
Describe Yourself in Three Words: Beautiful, Bold and Sophisticated.  Human says I should be Juvenile, Delinquent and Hilarious?  I think she was joking as she said it with a smile????

Favourite Quote: Stronger and saner than a horse, sturdier and faster than a donkey; the mule has the best of both and more than either.  She is more intelligent, more loyal, more sure footed ... and of course more beautiful!
Your Perfect Day:
I'd like to start my day with a spot of food as us girls need sustenance to look girl - I am not meant to be a size zero stick you know (although human says I need to shed a few pounds... how very rude!)!

I then think I'd like a little run around with my handsomeness The Mini, I do like to make sure he notices my best features!
I then might like to take on a mule obstacle course, showing the short ears how to do it!

Then a nice ride with human, she says I am still in training but I wish we could hurry up and ride for miles and miles across the moor that lies on our doorstep, hopefully soon!

The day would be perfectly rounded off by a smooch from my handsomeness The Mini before falling asleep to the sound of Ro-Land snoring!

A snog from The Mini would end the day well.
Bye for now Muleteers I promise I'll be back tomorrow when I'll tell you all about the weekend's adventures, I just need female human to help me upload my pictures, you just can't get the staff these days!  Have a mulificent day until we speak next - Callie xxx

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  1. I love to see you trotting around your beauty!. Great pictures and personality!