Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Getting to Know... Roller Polar

Greetings muleteers!  Wow we are sooo happy we have had over 1000 page views!  Thanks for stopping by and catching up with us, we love telling you all what we're up to :-)  So here we are with the next instalment of 'Getting to Know You'.  Oh My Mule I have got to tell you this was hard, Roller Polar thinks A LOT!  So here it is....

Here I am looking at my Polar Bear best!
Name: Ro-Land (aka Roller Polar, The Philosopher or my posh name is Keensacre Roland!)
Age: 4
Breeding: Miniature Shetland
Size:  8 hands - huge!
Coat Color: Dilute Bay, human says I'm dun but change from silver to golden brown depending on the seasons, I think my coat colour should be called 'Special'!

Favourite Pastimes: Staring at the wall thinking! Investigating shoes.... I have a real shoe fetish and particularly like licking them, welly boots with tags on the side are my favourite! I also like small people coming to groom me :-)
Favourite Person: Errrrmmmmm I love everyone! I am particularly fond of man human as he brings me banana peel and I also like a small person called Inaya who came to see me once, I hope she'll come back soon?
In my summer colours
Favourite Food: Grass!  I don't get those silly mules who waste their time eating wood.... weirdoes!  I am also very partial to parsnips, partly because The Mini doesn't like them so I can nick his.
Favourite Drink: Tea (I am a quintissentially British pony you know), I love it when female human forgets her cup of tea on the floor when she's cleaning the Pony Pad, I am quite fond of slurping tea from it, of course I leave her lots of Roller Polar dribble to tell her how much I love her :-) 
Favourite Car: A soft top Jag, my hair would blow seductively in the breeze.
Favourite Movie: Pretty Woman and other romcoms.  I also loved Black Beauty, short ears rule!
Favourite Music: A nice bit of relaxing music by Moby and I also love Fleetwood Mac!
Favourite Book: Charles Darwin's Origin of Species - deep thinking man!  And a bit of Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle...

To boldy go where no pony has gone before..
Favorite Words:  'Leave him alone'  generally shouted by the humans to tell that naughty Dragon not to chase me!  I know I'm top dog really I just can't be bothered to tell everyone else so I let them fight my battles for me, she seems to ignore them though..... 
Unique Talent: Looking Good!
Guilty Pleasure: Squeezing my head under the electric fencing and knowing that I can reach the most grass, hehe there are some advantages to being small!
Least Favourite Thing: When the mule doctor visits and sticks a needle in me, I have been known to stand on my back legs and pretend to be a circus pony.
Favourite Vice: Going where I shouldn't be.... my small stature means I can squeeze in just about anywhere!
Favourite Colour: Gold as befits my beautiful colour!
Favourite Clothing: I don't need any like the mules, I have everything I need right here in my own coat, I rarely even need a headcollar as I never get tied up and I will follow where you want me to go.
Favourite Possession: My old welly that was given to me so that I'd never be without shoes again :-)
Alternative Career: Philosopher, I would like to be an Oxford Don - Aim High!
Describe Yourself in Three Words: Thoughtful, Gentle and Contented
Favourite Quote: I need a few as I am the philosopher so here goes! 
Small children are convinced that ponies deserve to see the inside of the house.
~Maya Patel - I love the sound of this!!
There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.  ~Winston Churchill - especially when they look as good as me!
He knows when you're happy 
He knows when you're comfortable 
He knows when you're confident 
And he always knows when you have carrots. 
~Author Unknown - more carrots please, I can sniff them a mile away!

Your Perfect Day: A gentle snooze in the sun, I'd like female human to take Dragon out for the day so that I can graze peacefully and only have one long ear to contend with! 
Just one long ear is enough some days...
A nice spot of sunbathing followed by a little potter up the lane to munch on the verges and meet my public!  I am soooo popular that people come out of their houses to see me, it won't be long until I'm invited in to tea :-) 
I would then like a long groom whilst munching carrots followed by a light breeze to blow my fringe around and demonstrate how beautiful I am, I'd then like to eat some more!
Finally a snuggle in to my nice deep straw bed and a long dream about the problems of the world such as the weather, grass shortages and the state of the world hayconomy.


  1. Lovely to meet you properly Roller..

  2. How charming and handsome you are, Ro-Land. Your luscious coat and silky mane are truly special. I also love Fleetwood Mac!.

  3. Greetings ladies! It's nice to know that short ears are appreciated too :-)