Monday, 19 March 2012

How to Train Your Dragon

Greetings Muleteers! Well I'm back from my wonderful weekend away.  I have been at training camp for the weekend, this is normally an event where I train human to be more compliant to my will, somehow this time it seems that she managed to persuade me to do what she was thinking!  I'm not sure how that happened..... anyway it was great fun :-)

I got to go away with my big friend Breeze who is a great pal and my mentor, she is a lot bigger than me and is a proper grown up who is allowed to ride for miles and miles with her human, she has the most amazing tail and shines in the sun but alas her ears are not as mulificent as mine!

My big friend Breeze is my heroine!
So off we went together in the trailer, as soon as I saw Breeze was on board I hopped straight in.  We had a good hour to catch up on the gossip, Breeze was telling me all about her training exploits with her human and I compared notes, we spent lots of time plotting some joint expeditions.  Just as we were plotting pixie hunting expeditions we arrived!

This place, let's call it holiday camp, is fab!  There are short ears everywhere and even another long ear, we all get to eat and chill out and watch what's going on and spend our evenings eating lovely moorland grass and hedge, my idea of heaven!  Apart from all that chilling out stuff we also play games and train the humans.  There are some lovely people here too who call me The Lovely Callie!  I'm so pleased, people appreciate my muley good looks.....

We played tag!
To start with human and I played a bit on the ground, she calls it lunging, I call it tag!  She runs around after me and I stay just out of reach....the only thing is apparently she has to be the one that sets the rules of the game, she seemed most upset when I decided to go faster without her, well really if she can't keep up that's her problem.  After a rocky first game we had it perfected!  Second time round we were walking, trotting, stopping and starting with precision, I did throw in the odd unexpected rule of the game to keep her on her toes but she did ok, our trainer shouted helpful hints to human as she kept forgetting (I think this is cheating but I'll let her off).

Next bit was even better, we went riding!  Human and I have been having some chats about brakes and steering recently.  Apparently because I don't always know best (REALLY???) human has to be able to tell me what our destination is, what direction we need to go in to get there and at what speed, oh and sometimes I have to stop (yawn...).  I have learnt a bit of this before but have never really thought it's super important but according to our trainers it is.  Otherwise I might get splatted by a bus or human might fall off (we don't want that as she supplies me with scratches and food) so I guess we better get this sorted out.

We sent lots of time chasing bollards on the ground and I also thought it was fun to try to get as close to our trainer as possible; I think she likes to play tag too ;-)  We also went for a ride around the farm yard and in the mulificent outdoor arena, I could get used to this (human says I better not as we don't have enough mule pounds to make my mule palace look this nice!)

I stayed overnight and had a great old chat with Breeze and the sheep in the next field and had another fantastic day playing games before it was time to go home :-(  I waved goodbye to Breeze as I climbed out of the trailer and human and I tottered back home.  The only thing that made up for leaving behind such excitement was the welcome the minis gave me when I got home!  The Mini had saved up his biggest brayneigh just for my return :-)

I was a little tired the next day and had a lot of sleep to catch up on after being out on the tiles for the weekend, the boys kept guard while I soaked up the sun.

Til next time muleteers!  Callie xxx


  1. Sounds fabulous, glad you both had a lovely weekend. x

  2. What a great time you had, Callie. You look fantastic in the pictures. Your human seems to be envisioning a crossing of the Andes upon such an adventurous and pretty Mula!.