Sunday, 25 March 2012

Mule Fun in the Sun!

Greetings Muleteers!  Callie here or Calorific as my human has taken to calling this weekend as I'm soooo terrific! The sun has definitely got his hat on :-)  I have had a lovely weekend of playing with the humans and making mischief with the minis.  Man human had a birthday on Saturday so we all serenaded him with 'Happy Brayday' he seemed very pleased with our present of extra Mule's Gold for the day too!

New human who we shall call Smiley Human came to play again today, she has come to lend an extra pair of hands and to get some training from me, us mules are the best trainers...  We all went out for an adventurous training walk.

First of all I did something called long reining... this is where a human hangs on behind me and I pull them up the hills (I guess they are really telling me where to go...).  We went on a brand new route today and met lots of people and people in those tin cans called cars... they were all on their way to enjoy the sunshine I think.  Then we met the local farmer in his tractor, he was very polite and gave me a wide berth, I think he thought I might be a bit scared, what he doesn't know is that I eat tractors for a living!  

Long Reining
After a little while one of the humans got tired and decided she needed carrying, yippee I like playing piggy backs!  On she got and we were off, I got my best fast walk on and thought it was extra funny that female human couldn't keep up...hehehe  She did keep trying to get my picture but I didn't oblige much except for when we had to go check out the monster in the hedge....


It turned out to be Black Beauty peering at me over the hedge.  We had a short chat and then onwards muleteers!  I delivered Smiley Human safely back and had a nice wash down (my tummy had got a little bit sweaty, how undignified).  We'd been out for nearly two hours, I'm a little out of shape but am building up to summer fitness!

Homeward bound
Then it was back to the minis who had been scoffing all the grass while I was away, there wasn't so much as a brayneigh to welcome me, how disappointing.  So I decided to celebrate all on my own with a victory roll.


Boy did that roll feel good!

Til next time muleteers!  Have a good week until we speak next - Callie xxx

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  1. A wonderful ride, Callie. I love the videos!. Your elegance on the trail and your agility after the victory roll are a joy to watch.

    Was that sweet Roller on the background awaiting your kiss? ...