Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My Little Pony Gets a Spring Makeover

Greetings Muleteers!  Roller here today, I am feeling fine and dandy after a lovely spring time makeover.  All the sunshine that we've been having is playing havoc with my polar bear good looks and I'm shedding my coat like it's last year's fashion (don't tell anyone it is!).

Human kindly decided that I needed a little extra help with my hair situation and decided to spruce me up ready to show off my good looks in the good weather.  She said that I would look just like My Little Pony, these were some of her favourite playthings when she was little and she said she is so pleased she now has a real life one - ME! I've heard about the My Little Ponies, there were lots of girl ponies but only one boy that I know of called Lucky the stallion, he was fine but not sure about the colour?  Secretly I think I'm much more handsome....

So human was very kind and took the furminator to me, this is the best brush ever.  It feels lovely and scratchy and takes out my shedding hair without making the rest of me look rough and horrible.
It took quite a long time but we both persevered, I had a lot of thinking time and human seemed happy chattering away to me whilst gaining some strange pleasure in pulling my hair out!
When the experience was over I couldn't quite believe my eyes, I had lost a bag full of hair and felt so much cooler!  Human says that we can play this game again tomorrow, I can't wait, especially as I got a carrot for being a good Roller Polar :-)
Until next time muleteers, I will be doing my best to show off my best poses to the new girls in the field next door and I seem to be very popular with the ladies that pass by even if they are a little bigger than me, it's all about the attitude though!  Good things come in small packages ;-)  Roller xxx


  1. A wonderful coiffure Roller. You look very handsome in your summer fashion --I guess Callie swooned over your fresh looks!

    I love your beautiful black stockings, or are they all-weather boots?.

  2. Thinking of your small size with a grand attitude, Roller dear, have you ever met a Falabella miniature horse?. I remember them in Argentina as a child, in pictures inside Falabella's apartment --outrageous!.

    Still, being of about your height, your striking looks and polar-bear coat is unsurpassed!. Not to mention your sweetness ...

    Looking forward to more hoofwriting! ♥

  3. Thank you Carmen :-) I have met Falabellas where I was born, they are cute and naughty! My black stockings are my all weather boots although I have to say they are a little hot at the moment in the hot weather we are having. Callie does seem very taken with my summer good looks, she seems to be playing kiss chase a lot at the moment....not that i mind!