Wednesday, 14 March 2012

New Horizons

The weekend started well when I got to WORK - yippeeeee I love getting out and about.  So Female Human and a new human who seems ever so nice took me out for a walk and a ride in the lovely sunshine, wow it was so hot my ears were a little damp (how undignified I hope no one noticed?), spring is finally here!  I was a very good muletta and my human rewarded me with a lovely scratch and carrots when we got home, The Mini had been braying loudly for my return so we decided we better go back eventually.... 

Then we had an even bigger adventure, imagine my amazement when mini sized bridles were produced (they really make these???) and we were all togged up in our finest gear. 

We were off on a big adventure! Female human had her work cut out with the minis, one in each hand they wobbled down the road, unfortunately for her (funny for me!!) they are not very well matched in speed terms.  The Mini was full steam ahead and was leading this mule train (looking very handsome I have to say) with Ro-Land dragging along behind, I was wondering if human's arms could really stretch apart that far???  I was allowed to bring man human for the walk, he wasn't very good at keeping up and I really must do some groundwork exercises with him as I'm not sure he understands personal space but I kept him safe :-)

After what was only a short expedition we arrived at a very big grassy field!  My eyes nearly popped out when human said this was our home for a few weeks - wooooohooooo looks like fun.... however I then looked more closely and saw the dastardly electric fence ready to zap me if I have too many ambitions about super sizing myself :-(
We have been installed in our new mule camp for a few days now and life is good!  We've been enjoying meeting lots of new pals over the fence although lots of the short ears going past seem less than enamoured by our beauty, their loss I guess!  It's a hard life eating and sun bathing but a mule has to cope....  This morning my view of the train line was obliterated by the mist (I like trainspotting) so I'm afraid my pictures are not very good but I'm sure you all need to look at our mulificence anyway.
We're all hard at work mowing the lawn!

I'm off at training camp this weekend folks so will be telling you all about how the human gets on, I am trying to train her as best as I can and we're making progress but there's room for improvement!  Til next time have a mulificent day - Callie xxx

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  1. This is a beautiful place, Callie. You all are very hard at work!. I would have died to see that mule train ... Looking forward to more videos, like that one where you gallop your mulificient beauty!.