Thursday, 26 April 2012

Desert Animals Do Not 'Do' Downpours

Dearest muleteers I have a complaint to make and it's a very big one!  What have you all done to the weather??  Do you not know that us desert animals DO NOT DO DOWNPOURS!

For the last two days I have been most upset as I have been made to curtail my grazing activities because of this terrible weather you have ordered.  Now I have heard that most of this damp isle is in drought but really??? How can this be???  Never have I heard such a ridiculous statement!

I don't 'do' damp...

Over the last 48 hours I have had to contend with the following:

1/. Pouring rain in volumes that have no right to be seen in a country in drought!
2/. Thunder and lightning (I hide behind Dragon as she will get struck first, her ears are the highest....)
3/. Hail (ouch)
4/. Gales (it's just not right to have wind blowing up your botty... it should be the other way around, hehe)
5/. Mud glorious blooming mud (It has no place in a mule's wardrobe)
6/. A grumpy Dragon, she has even been rugged up which is unusual as she normally hates this especially as the rug is not pink!
7/. A stupidly happy Ro-Land who is oblivious to bad weather and is merrily eating all the grass that Dragon and I are too busy sheltering to eat, he is a Shetland Pony you know (yawn as he keeps telling us)

Us desert animals just don't do rain, we are not waterproof and do not possess the stupidly thick coat that Ro-Land does for just such eventualities, I am officially a rather grumpy mule today :-(

So please muleteers I implore you start doing a dance for sunshine, this poor mini mule can't take much more.....  Tonight I will be talking to FH about finding me a special little mini mule rug just for me :-)

I am dreaming of a snooze in the sun....


  1. Oh, Mini, what a miserable weather. So funny that the ears of tall Callie are like a "lightening rod". Here in New England, USA, we are having wintry weather.

    Keep safe, rugged up, dry and cosy. Let sweet Ro-Land in his luscious overcoat enjoy the elements!.

    I heard that Callie has been practising a Muletta Dance --perhaps she could invoke the sunshine?...

  2. Dearest Carmen,

    You are right! Dragon's muletta dance has done the trick :-) I'm glad to report (via MH) that we enjoying a snooze in the sun, Dragon is laying flat out while I guard her protectively (where's the camera when you need it?)... Ro-Land continues to eat!

    Hope the wintry weather is getting better for you too I will do a Mini Weather Dance for you ;-) xxx

  3. ♥ Wonderful, Mini!. Your Mini Dance chased the rain away here!.

    Enjoy the sunshine alongside pretty Dragon and sweet Ro-Land. Looking forward to more hoofwriting!.