Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Mule Rides and Visits

Greetings Muleteers!  Callie here :-) Well what a busy time we are having this weekend.  Talk about popular!  We have had lots of visitors and have been getting out and about enjoying ourselves.

Yesterday we had a visit from the human that I used to own, she came a very long way to see me.  I was very pleased to see her but had to show her that I was not amused by her match making skills (she could have found me some boyfriends with longer legs!) so I pretended not to see her.... but then she whistled and I couldn't help but notice!  We spent some lovely time catching up with happenings back in my previous home and she told me all about what Indy my old best pal was up to, sounds like he's doing brilliantly!
We went out for a walk with FH and I showed off my new surroundings to my training human.  She seemed pleased to be out with me and I enjoyed showing off some of the tricks I've been practicing with FH.
Before I knew it we were back home and The Mini decided it was his turn for attention, he always has to be No. 1  Well a girl had eating to get on with so I left him to it, he is such a terrible flirt, what a ladies man!
The time came when I had to say goodbye to training human, I felt a little confused, I really had missed her but I do also love my new mini friends and the mule moor that lies on the doorstep, maybe I could stay a while longer?  There was mention of Indy being brought for a ride, now that would be fun to show him around too!

I had a long snooze in the sun then and pondered all of the fun we'd had and looked forward to tomorrow..

Well Easter Sunday came quickly, FH was up earlier than usual (she is such a layabout....) and she said the words I long to hear...we were going out for a ride! Yippppeeee!

So she climbed aboard, we have mastered the mounting situation and I now stand still as a rock.  She has learnt to leap daintily so I too can match her with my standing still.

Catanian wanted to come too but FH told her no as we were going the way with the cat eating motor engines...
Then we were off!  We went on down some steep hills, FH was very pleased because my saddle didn't slip an inch, this is great as mules and saddles are a hard thing to sort out.  It stayed it place which is great cos we don't want FH to fall off.  We had some lovely trots up the lane, I like trotting, my dainty little mule hooves make a lovely sound.  When we stopped trotting I had what FH calls a 'mule moment' and decided that I wanted to go and talk to the ponies that we had just passed.  Well FH had other ideas and there was a stand off... literally!  So we stood and discussed the issue for a while and I got bored so I did as FH wanted.
We carried on up to the moor entrance to admire the view, I can see for miles and miles and can't wait for my next expedition up there with Breeze.

All good things must come to an end muleteers and we had to go home eventually because FH has chores to do, that sounds very boring.  Apparently Granny (supplier of treats and scratches and one of our very favourite people) and Uncle Human (ditto) are visiting later so we need to practice our best hungry mule poses ;-)


  1. Oh, Callie, so funny!. I am glad to read that the mounting situation has been mastered. Humans are not as agile as mules, are not they?. Your hooves must sing lovingly on those trails.

    Those mule moments ... I am very proud of you as this is exactly what brought the liberation of the Viceroyalty of the River Plate from King Ferdinand. Humans could not have tackled those steep treacherous trails with their poor judgement!. :-)

    The Mini is such a handsome boy and you pose beautifully, Callie, your slanted eyes are gorgeous!. ♥

  2. ... and little Catanian seems longing for a stroll but looks very obedient!.

  3. Thanks Carmen :-) You are so right... we have to keep our humans safe as they are not as superior as us mules but then it's always nice to have a job to do!