Monday, 16 April 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday Dear Roller Polar, Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes muleteers today is my birthday and I am a whole 5 years old :-) My wants in life are simple... I have no requirement for birthday cake, balloons, the latest hip hop music or a gift wrapped pair of Nike trainers (although I would like a sniff of a welly boot...mmmm) I will be celebrating the occasion by having a play with The Mini, I'm hoping for a smooch from Dragon, some sunshine to bathe in and extra grass, sounds like a perfect pony day.

FH says that she can't believe I'm 5 already!  She did tell me recently that someone had asked if I was really old as I was so quiet and bombproof, FH chuckled and said it gave her great pleasure to tell them I'm only a baby really... I'm not so sure.... I may have grey hairs but these are all part of the style folks!

Birthday's always make you think about life and you're often told to make a wish when you blow out your candles.  Today I am wishing to stay here forever with my little gang.  They're not so bad really but don't tell them that.  The Mini is so naughty and likes to terrorise me by laying those oversized mule ears of his back and charging full pelt in to my bottom, he's like a steam train shunting the carriages in to position.  When he thinks no one's looking though he is my bestest pal, we are always grazing next to each other and we are just the right height to give each other a good scratch, we also share our stable as it would be lonely on our own and we don't like to be parted, FH says we are like a married couple.  I have seen her and MH and it may be true... they like to bicker, steal each others food (or beer in MH's case), don't care if the other has sticky up hair and seem to just be happy silently in each other's company (this is not often because FH just chatters non stop, her and The Mini are too alike).  MH and I know the secret though..... nod and agree, dodge the steaming train and when no one's looking give them a loving scratch behind the ears!

As for Dragon, what can I say!!  She is a new arrival since my last birthday and she has brought a certain something to the gang, well firstly she's a girl and as all boys know they smell ;-)  Hope she doesn't read this.....  No really she is a nice new friend who keeps The Mini at bay for most of the time (he has two of us to sort out now hehe), she does have her moments though when she's feeling fruity and can't get enough of my handsomeness, it would appear that she has a thing for short ears....  The other great thing about Dragon is that she is so brave!  She keeps an eye out for us minis and protects us from dogs that might like to hurt us or tractors that come past us in the lane, her huge presence is a big comfort when you're as small as us.

So there's my birthday wish, I'd like to stay with the gang please!  FH says that's the easiest wish to grant so that means I can go and dream of the next year's worth of adventures... 'til next muleteers - Roller xxx


  1. Happy bday Ro-land, hope you have many more.

  2. Wishing you a very Happy Rolling Roller Polar Mud Bathday!!! May your wish come true as it is mine too. sending lots of

  3. ♥ Happy birthday, beautiful ♥