Thursday, 19 April 2012

House Sitting....

Greetings Muleteers!  Can you believe it the humans have gone and left us for a few days to go on holiday.  They have left us in charge of not one but two humans! We have Aunty Di pandering to our every mulish whim and Granny has come to stay to look after the other four legs.  These humans are both lovely and we like having them to play with, Aunty Di is very taken with my long ears and is always very calm and patient with us, she even tells The Mini to behave when he's naughty, hehe!  Granny has her work cut out with the naughty dogs and Catanian and is also house sitting.... now this is strange muleteers because I'm sure FH told me I was in charge of the house.  She even took me to peer in through the front door so that I could see where everything was and check that Granny is behaving.... if there's any mud on that floor I'll know about it!

I have made sure that I've met the neighbours and have checked out the state of the front garden so that if any weeding is required I'll be right there!  I have to say you humans are very untidy in your homes, there is all that clutter and a surprising lack of fresh air.  Give me the stars above my ears anyday, I think FH feels the same way as I'm sure she spends more time with us than in the house, I hope she hasn't got designs on my mule palace though, it's bad enough having to share it with smelly boys, I don't mind Catanian though :-)  FH says she'll be home before we know it and then there'll be ample opportunity for some work - yippeee

So muleteers watch out because this mule is on the prowl, I will be defending the house and Aunty and Granny from marauding intruders.  One alarm call from this mule will have the whole neighbourhood braybourhood out to see what's occurring.

Til next time muleteers, I promise we'll be good mules until FH is back, we might have to make our own fun though!  Now where is FHs pink paint kept, I know it must be here somewhere....

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  1. You are the best housekeeper, Callie. Enjoy your time!.