Friday, 6 April 2012

How The Donkey (and Mule) Got It's Cross and Other Stories....

Greeting Muleteers!  Today is Good Friday and that means that our humans have the day off work.  This has been a good idea because we have had them all day to play with :-)   Before we tell you about our day we thought you would be interested to hear the story that female human (FH) told us about our father the donkey today.

Donkeys have a magnificent cross
Apparently the donkey is a very religious animal who was much appreciated by a figure that many people worship called Jesus (a smart man we think!)  The story goes that sadly many, many years ago people decided they didn't like Jesus so they sentenced him to death by crucifying him on a cross.  We mules cannot understand you humans sometimes, this is just too awful to imagine.....  When this happened Jesus was made to carry the cross upon which he would be crucified through the streets and up a hill for miles and miles.  His longtime friend the donkey who had been with him since his birth was there with him while all around him people jeered and laughed.  The donkey being a faithful servant and all round lovely creature told Jesus that he couldn't manage the cross all on his own and said that he would bear it for him as he was used to heavy loads and jeering people.  We mules and donkeys know when people need our help so this is naturally what the donkey would do.

Sadly Jesus said the cross was his to to bear and that the donkey his humble companion would understand this like no other creature as they bear loads and beatings like no other animals that serve humans.  Jesus died that day but the donkey and his dedication and loyalty were remembered.  From that day donkeys and most mules bear the mark of the cross on their back to remind those that may jeer and laugh at them that they were the one there when Jesus needed them and they are the only animal to bear this sacred mark.

Well muleteers we think it is a lovely story, who knows if it's true but we know it sounds like it could be! We mules both have crosses on our backs, Callie's is magnificent and huge so she must be extra holy!

We enjoyed listening to FH's story, she was telling it when we were walking home for the weekend!  Yes we're back at the ranch for the weekend, the grass has grown loads since we left a month ago so FH wouldn't let us eat too much of it so it's back to the straw....:-(

It's been a fun filled day!  Here is a photo diary of what we've been up to!
First we had a walk home with the humans, Ro-Land's Little legs couldn't keep up so he came separately!

 Smiley human came to play with Callie, she went out for a ride which was enjoyed by everyone!

We have been reunited with Catanian too who is a little upset because she has had to give up sleeping in our beds! To make her happy FH consoled her with lots of cuddles, we wish we could be lap mules...

The Mini took tea in the garden with man human, he stopped by for a gentle bottom scratch, whenever there's an opportunity he's there.

Ro-Land had a pedicure as his little hooves had some little chips, nothing serious but we need to keep them in good form until lovely foot trimmer man can get here to do the proper job!

Ro-Land helps with his pedicure

Well muleteers we're off for a snooze.  Enjoy your weekend, we'll be back again soon!  Callie has a special visitor coming tomorrow, she's very human is coming to see her... we hope she's happy to see us :-)


  1. What a lovely day and beautiful pictures of you all!. The story is sad, indeed, but I agree that it makes Callie extra holy, ha ha!.

    So sweet to see little Catanian's lovely toes!

    Sending you all e-peels, e-carrots and a plush mouse. ♥♥♥♥