Sunday, 1 April 2012

Moor Mule

Greetings muleteers! Apologies for our silence over the last few days, human has been on holiday so decided that it was our turn to work, yippee!

My week began with a mammoth outing for some playtime with Breeze (My Heroine)and her human (aka Calm Human). We went for a long walk and ride to the school which is nearly 3 miles away, my human was puffed even though I did carry her part of the way.

I love going out with My Heroine and Calm Human, the humans can chatter to each other about disappointingly strange humans who do the oddest things... Breeze and I listen with interest about things like draw reins, laminitis, boredom and dressage competitions. We're always so glad we don't own humans like that!  On the way to the school we passed a fire breathing angle grinder, two tractors and lots of people in cars who seemed to be looking at something in the sky? When we got to the school I was an extra good muletta for the first 20 minutes, yes of course I know how to turn and stop... After a while I got rather bored and let human know by swishing a lot.

Breeze and I train the humans...
Alas my training class with her was over, but wait what's this? Human is getting off me and on to Breeze! Now I'm not the jealous type but....? I watched a little pensively with my ears drooping and then got more and more surprised. Breeze was dancing for human, apparently it's called shoulder in and counter bending, one day maybe I can try this? Calm human and My Heroine have been learning to dance and my human was learning a few steps. One day......

On the way home I had to investigate some particularly troublesome looking cattle who were giving me the hard stare, I wasn't having it! I strode over and put them in their place, Mules (and their friends) Rule, OK?
Naughty cattle need putting in their place.
No sooner had we got back and I'd had a snooze and a nibble than we were back at it the next day!  Little did I know the adventure we were going on:-)

Again we walked up to meet Calm Human and My Heroine. It happened again.... Lots of people kept stopping in their cars and staring at the sky, then I realised they were looking at my mulificent ears! Several cars stopped to enquire after my majestic beauty. Human says we'll have to leave an extra half hour each ride for my head expanding fan club comments.

After a little human training we were off for a ride on the moor. More what? I asked Breeze. Breeze said it was The Moor and if I was a good long ears I might get to play there a lot this summer, sounds fun. We were off, now there are some doubters who think I will struggle to keep up with my longer legged friends, hmphh we'll show them. I may have shorter legs but trust me they go fast and at one stage even Breeze had to step it up to keep up with me ;-)

We came across more tractors, a big bonfire and two sleepy bulls, no problems! Then time for the best bit... The Moor. Human pointed me at a steep slope with a little path that was perfect for my dainty hooves and told me to go for it!
That looks like a mule track to me!
So I did! She held the saddle horn and pretended to direct, I just did what us mules do best, I conquered that slope.  Breeze encouraged me from behind and we were suddenly up high. The Moor is a magical mule playground with hills, space and views for miles. Sadly it was all over too quickly and we had to turn for home :-( human says we can play more soon, she whispered to me that taking her very own long ears on The Moor is the fulfilment of a life's ambition, but why stop there?

So muleteers I'm thinking of a new name for myself.... I am Moor Mule!

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  1. I have no doubt that your mulificent ears will bring a traffic jam --so many autographs to hoofsign!. What a wonderful adventure you had leading the summit conquest with your pretty friend .

    Next, show us some fancy steps of the Muletta Dance!