Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Primroses, Lambs and Damp Ears

Greetings Muleteers!  The Mini here.  Honestly what does a mule have to do to get the keyboard around here?  I've had to tackle 'My Little Pony' (hmmm more like 'My Little Lacking in the Mulificent Ears Pony') and then had to smooch Dragon for the privilege to talk to you all.

We have been having the most lovely weather over the last few days and I've been enjoying snoozing in the sun, bray neighing at the passing short ears (whose humans look petrified much of the time, I'm not a monster!) and munching the fresh grass.  The primroses and bluebells are out but there is a slight disadvantage.... sheep, well lambs to be precise.

We have recently had some lambs put in to the field next door with their mums who are well let's say NOISY!!!  They keep me awake all night with their 'I'm lost...AGAIN' bleats and tonight one had the stupidity to end up on the wrong side of the fence.  It was soooo funny watching human run around shouting here lamby lamby, she's a loony.  There I was hoping to get a good night's sleep when guess what?  There appeared more neighbours!  This time they are bigger than me and secretly I'm not sure about them (don't tell Dragon though as I'm supposed to protect her), there are some new cows across the way or steers as human calls them and my goodness they smell bad!  They are unbothered by my brays and even seem to find me interesting, I must investigate further when I pluck up the courage.

So with all of this disturbance to my beauty handsome sleep imagine my true desolation when it started to rain..... my poor mulificent ears got wet and I was close to melt down.  But then human cheered me up, she pulled my favourite out of her pocket, yes folks you've got it - a banana peel!

I let her know how very happy I was by making some cute faces for her, she approved as she snapped away just for you :-)

Well muleteers have a lovely easter break, I hear that lamb is traditionally eaten? Hmmmm now then I couldn't eat a whole one.... oh dear human's coming and she doesn't look impressed with my joke.... 'til next time muleteers and don't eat all the chocolate at once ;-)

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  1. You are very funny, Mini, look at those faces all drenched up!. Loved your stories, you have interesting neighbours!.