Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Roses for Sweet Mulettas!

Rose snacks make a happy muletta!
Greetings Muleteers!  Callie here, Oh My Mule what an appalling day we have had with the most awful rain and wind, we even had thunder and lightning.  I really was not bothered though, I have to put on a brave face to look after the minis, would you believe my two boyfriends use my larger build to hide behind when the rain is lashing down?  I don't mind too much as I am the only one with a wardrobe... I have a beautiful water proof rug whereas the naughty mini ones have only their thick coats to protect them, well I am a dainty lady you know!

To cheer me up after a nasty day in the rain man human (MH) and female human (FH) turned up with some yummy mule food to warm us up from the inside, oh the joy of some nice donkey chaff and some donkey nuts finished off by a lovely piece of apple!

Don't tell anyone (especially FH as I think she is a little jealous) MH also took pity on me and brought me roses!  Well not quite but nearly...  MH is normally tasked with leading me whilst FH takes the two naughty minis, we bring up the rear of the mule train and he and I have come to an understanding, we stop every now and again for a nice snack while the minis go in front, they are a bit slow....  MH has noticed that my favourite thing to eat at the moment is the lovely yummy wild rose bushes that are beginning to grow in the lane next to our mule palace.  So as we walk along MH and I 'smash and grab' picnic.  Today I didn't even have to pick my own, he brought me roses - swoon!!  A girl could get used to this kind of treatment, wonder when FH last got roses?  We'll have to start a competition!

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  1. Enjoy your bouquet, Callie, you are a beautiful Muletta!.