Friday, 4 May 2012

A Flying Visit to Muleteer HQ

Lovely snoozing in the sun!
Greetings Muleteers!  Roller Polar here today.  Well what a nice day I've been having, lots of snoozing in the sun, scratching with The Mini and a little snack attack of grass this afternoon, my perfect day!

I have to tell you about the excitement of the week; no it's not Dragon's mountaineering or The Mini's new fashionable attire.... It's much more exciting... we have a new member of the gang!  We have no idea how long he'll stay but we're always excited to meet new friends :-)  Our visitor arrived on Monday after a very bad storm on Sunday and has stayed all week so we are getting used to having him around.

Our latest member of Muleteer HQ is a pigeon!  FH tells us that this is not just any pigeon but he is an amazing athlete (just like me, remember I'm in training for the Shetland Pony Grand National.....), he's a racing pigeon!  FH thinks he was blown off course in the storm and he seems to have lost some of his magnificent tail feathers so he's not flying too well.... I can't imagine how awful it would be if someone trimmed my magnificent mane.

I'm so excited to have a new pal, he comes every day and sits on the roof of our stables and stays all day scratching around on the yard for all the fallen scraps from our straw.

Spot the pigeon!

Peck, peck, where's the barley?
When FH gets home she gives him the bits from the floor in the feed store as his favourite food is the barley grains that fall out of our straw, FH says he can definitely stay as we're not allowed to eat these bits but he loves them as you can see!

He seems very friendly and hangs around with the gang and even seems to have Catanian figured out, when I was philosophising for a while I watching her trying to stalk him - fat chance, he flew off every time.... hehehe sometimes she's not always the quickest! She's given up trying now and seems to just like watching him :-)

Our Granny visited earlier in the week and had to come and meet the new addition, we were a little jealous as normally she spends her time cooing over us 'big ones' but not then she was firmly fixed on pigeon and it seems she has named him.....  His new name is Pie!  Apparently Pie is a very apt name for a pigeon.  FH laughed a lot and said there was irony in that name, I need to think about this for a while......

So Pie is hopefully here to stay as long as he needs to, he is not our first racing pigeon resident, we once had a friend called Pat who recovered with us and then flew home to Ireland.  Maybe Pie will stay a while, we're happy to have him!  I just have one concern....

You see the straw has a habit of getting stuck in my beautiful mane and sometimes there are even bits of barley, I really hope Pie doesn't think that I am a walking Pigeon Diner, oh the indignity of it!

This is not a Pigeon Diner!

Good night muleteers!  Sweet Dreams and remember a bird in the hoof is worth two in the tree.... or something like that????

Pie wishes you sweet dreams, he is happy to have landed in the alternate universe that is Muleteer HQ!


  1. How fun is that? Very cool. So nice to meet Pie!

  2. Pie seems very happy :-) He is still with us today, FH has even been and bought him 'special' food so maybe we can tempt him to stay a little longer until his tail is better!

  3. Beautiful Pie!. Hello Ro-Land, nice to read your stories and see Pie among you --already fluffing up for the camera!.