Saturday, 26 May 2012

Icy Snacks, A Good Read and Feline Fun!

Grettings Muleteers!  The weather has been perfect today for a sun muless like myself :-) I have had such a nice day sunbathing in the paddock and playing with FH and Catanian.  We had a girly afternoon with plenty of snacks, gossip and entertainment!FH arrived with her icy snacks which looked really yummy.... I sidled up very quietly and licked my lips so that FH might get my gentle hint, this mule would really like to try that lolly.

I stared very intently at this icy snack and FH finally got the message that this really was something I should be allowed to try just a little bit....

Success!  Here I go!  Muleteers this tasted good, FH says I won't be allowed any more than a taste as it will go straight to my hips, I think she's exaggerating.

Well after this lovely snack Catanian and I had a game, I played the stealth mule game and snuck up on her....

Guess what she did?  She batted me on the nose!  The indignity of being caught out by a kitty cat!!

Hmmm this game wasn't going well so I decided to go and investigate what FH was up to.  Only problem was Catanian decided to follow me!  What's a mule got to do to catch this kitty out?


In the end I gave up and decided that we'd invite Catanian to the girly party.  FH had even got some reading material for us, apparently this book is full of exciting stories and funny characters, a bit like us really?

Well muleteers I'm off for a snooze as it's been a busy afternoon, too much sunshine, E numbers and girly fun!


  1. Oh definitely like you !!!

    I've never given a lolly to any of my mules...was it good?


  2. What a lovely afternoon you girls had. Great pictures!. Snacks, play and reading, so much fun in the sun.

  3. Oh Val it was soooo good, I loved it! Lots of licking of lips, FH says I better not get used to it though as too many would not be good. She's going to try and make us some mint flavoured ones with no sugar for the next hot weather (if it ever arrives!!) Maybe Badger would like some??

    Thanks Carmen! Hope you've been having some nice sunshine where you are :-)