Thursday, 3 May 2012

Mountain Mule

Greetings Muleteers!  Callie here!  Today I am having a very well earned rest and having a snooze in the sun because I had a very busy evening.  The sun shone all day and I did my best to pack in the grass as much as I could and then FH appeared with saddle in tow which could only mean one thing - yippeee!

I was extra pleased because from out of nowhere arrived My Heroine and her human.  We were all going on a jolly outing.  I had my best catwalk stride on and FH could be heard chuckling that I was a mule on a mission.  But yuck we found clouds of midges up the lane who kept trying to bite my face and body - I hate midges!  So I had a good old shake and tested FHs stickability and dislodged as many as I could, I'm pleased to report FH managed to stay on! 

Off we set across the fields at 'mule on a mission' pace, suddenly I got the feeling I was being watched!  I deployed my ear antennae and discovered the culprits - cows and their calves!  Well that was interesting, they seemed very keen on looking at my mulificent ears so I gave them a quick ear wave and passed on by, one of them even tried to follow us!!

Now we were in uncharted territory heading up a track that's 'Made for Mules', huge granite rocks and gravel with water running down, I was in my element, mountain goats move over this is Mule Terrain!  Even My Heroine had to walk fast to keep up with me.  Eventually the track came to an end where there was a gate, some naughty human had very inconveniently put the latch very low so FH couldn't reach it so off she jumped and I had a snatch of grass.... but wait what's up there?
Time for a quick munch....
So being a Mountain Mule I decided to climb the sheer bank about 2 metres high and investigate the grass at the top!  FH went red in the face and puzzled how to get me down?  Easy!! 
What goes up must come down

After a quick munch I manoeuvred downwards off the bank whilst Calm Human laughed and took pictures!
Oh well it was worth getting down because then we went somewhere amazing!  We went out of the gate on were on the very wide open Mule Moor.  There were cattle and sheep and we could see for miles and miles.  It was all very exciting and I think this might be my very favourite place. 

Pioneering mule!

This mule has found her calling in life.... the Mule Moor looks like a great place to explore more, when are we going again??


  1. Such a wonderful adventure, Callie. Those views and all the interesting things you saw and tasted in your way made a great day out.

    You made me laugh with the "shake test", you have your FH trained very well, indeed!.

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. The shake test is a wonderful test to check your riders abilities for stickin' on! Indeed, I wonder what my mules would think of sheep, we see cattle and wildlife, but not sheep!

  3. Hehe the shake test is one that I will try more ;-) I am very keen on sheep, they are a little silly and run away making lots of noise but I think they're fun to investigate. We have them in the field next door and I am very keen on licking the little lambs through the fence.