Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Mule Heartache....

Greetings Muleteers!  Callie here, today I am a little heartbroken!  Supplier of treats and scratches and my favourite hu-man MH has disappeared to the other side of the world without me :-(  He's upped and left for a week in Argentina home of the Gauchos!  Well why not take me too?  I have proved my ability to herd sheep, why not the finest Argentinean bulls?  No problemo.......

Before he went he came to wish me farewell and I decided to try out my best MH flirting tactics (FH mutters under her breath that if she ever has to worry about MH with another woman it'll be me - hehehe), you see if I flutter my beautiful muley eyelashes he brings me part of his morning banana skin - waste not want not!
Yummy, I love a good banana peel, it does need handling delicately though!

Careful with the teeth not to nibble MHs fingers.....

MH is always telling how beautiful I am, maybe he'll bring me back some Argentine treats?  Or even better an Argentine Mule Stallion?!!!


  1. Oh, Callie, your humans are travelling to my homeland!.

    I think I know the secret reason ...to visit my great-grandmother's descendants of the great Mulettas who crossed the Andes with General San Martín and to inspect those treacherous trails!.

    Who knows, Callie, perhaps your great next adventure awaits you far away, in the land of the Cóndor. You already know how to say Magnífica Mula and Salud!.

    ♥ Sending you, Ro-Land and Mini e-scratchs every day to make the wait shorter ♥

  2. And for Argentinean treats: remind your humans to bring a box or two of "alfajores" and a jar of "dulce de leche". Delicious!.

    For you all short and long ears: we have the finest equine gear in the world. Perhaps a surprise awaits?.

  3. Mucho gracias Carmen! I will make sure I put my order in for Argentinean treats - they sound yummy! I am pining for MHs return so your e-scratches have cheered me up :-) I can't wait to hear all about Argentina, I will question MH about the mulettas and the mule terrain, oh how I wish I could walk in the footsteps of my (and your) ancestors.... I will have to start some mule planning!!