Saturday, 19 May 2012

Quality Mule Time

Greetings Muleteers!  The Mini here ;-)  Me and the other muleteers have noticed something about you humans.  You're normally in a rush!  Call us lazy or chilled out but really why are you always thinking about what's around the corner?  Looking at the watch, talking on the phone, looking at the weather.... us long ears know the secret that time will creep by whatever you do and that sometimes you just need to enjoy the passing of the hours without panicking about what to do next.  Every hour is precious and living in the moment is important.

This morning me and my fellow muleteers decided to give FH a reminder of what QMT (Quality Mule Time) is all about.  

Along came FH this morning looking decidedly dusty (aka sleepy).  This is good muleteers, we like sleep in this gang.  It seems that FH had lots of jobs planned but we said nope!  We stood firm at the fence and bray neighed until she got the hint that we wanted QMT, some for each of us please FH and don't stint on the scratches.  We knew that if we could entice her in to the world of the muleteers she would forget all about the time and what she had to do next and would just relax in the muley moment.
So it was of course turn of number one handsomeness myself to have first dibs on FHs time.  I directed her appropriately so that I started with a nice all over body massage, followed by a de-fluffing with my favourite brush, we then moved on to a pedicure before finishing with a good bum scratch!  Very nice indeed, and guess what muleteers it took as long as was needed.....

Next up was Roller Polar who doesn't quite understand the delights of standing still whilst being brushed, he was far too busy trying to hoover up every blade of grass in sight whilst being primped and preened.  That coat of his is like a yak!  He is now moulting out his third layer of shetland coat and we keep having to look twice as he is steadily shrinking before our eyes as his coat gets thinner and thinner.  If he shrinks much more we might mistake him for one of FHs canine friends!

Finally it was the turn of her royal highness Dragon.  Now Dragon is very good at teaching the benefits of QMT.  You see Dragon has a little bit of a split personality when it comes to getting on and doing stuff.  Sometimes when she is in 'Work Mode' she just wants to get on with the job and isn't too keen on hanging around.  However, when it's time for QMT she likes you to take your time, try to rush your royal highness Dragon and you are likely to get burned!  Dragon likes lots of small talk and niceties and is not impressed by rush mode.  FH had to talk gently and let Dragon fidget until she was in the 'zone' for pampering.  Once there it was very amusing to watch, Dragon is such a soppy creature.

After much scratching, massaging, buffing and kissing (hmmm a Mini could get jealous but I guess FH does this to me too) of HRH she started to get ants in her pants and as per usual began to look for trouble.

So firstly she cracked off a huge yawn, QMT is terribly tiring!

Then it was time to look at undoing the rope that was attached to her halter, oh what fun she could have free ranging in the field of plenty just nearby.

Alas escape attempts were to no avail so it was time for some further thoughts about eating.  This time Dragon decided that the fence post looked like an attractive meal.  At this point FH decided that perhaps QMT had run its course at the beauty parlour and that maybe it was time for a game.

So out came the mule ball of plenty!  Now muleteers I'm a little scared of this ball and myself prefer the gentler sport of cricket but I watched from afar and it was quite amusing!

Roller Polar watched intently to see what Dragon was doing....

Dragon is the expert when it comes to Mule Ball, when she nudges it around special mule treats come out of the holes!

Roller tried a few different tactics, first of all there was the 'lick attack' which was not quite successful but gave the ball a good polish!

Then came the football attack which was marginally more successful!


Finally Roller discovered the Roller Polar manoeuvre of nudge and snack, a victory for short ears around the world!  He's certainly got a way to go to reach the heady heights that Dragon has attained but not bad for a short ears!


After a good few hours of QMT we decided it was finally time that FH left us to get down to the business of QME (quality mule eating!) 

Until next time muleteers!  I will leave you with a favourite saying....
"Don't count every hour in the day, make every hour in the day count" 


  1. What a delightful QMT you all had. I loved the pictures and the action.

  2. Oh yes, the QMT is definitely needed! What a fun toy for them to play with!