Thursday, 24 May 2012

Summer Fashion Mini Mule Style!

Greetings Muleteers!  It is the number one handsomeness The Mini here!  My good looks and charm know no bounds and I am so fashionable (at least this is what my Granny tells me!).  Imagine my utter delight when FH arrived with a beautiful new addition to my burgeoning wardrobe :-)

Now this looks interesting!
Now unfortunately muleteers despite my tough exterior and rugged charm I have a small chink in my otherwise tough mule armour and that is that I simply cannot tolerate pesky midges.  Try as I might every Spring and Summer is awful as they bite me and make me itch so much I can't bear it.  This is called sweet itch and it's so miserable.  Well FH is very kind and has bought me a succession of anti midge clothing over the years which I have duly tested to destruction in every way possible.  Standing on them, biting them, trapping them on the fence, rolling on them, oh and introducing them to bramble bushes!

Today was just so exciting, there was a brand spanking new rug for me to pose in and I have to say this one looks extra posh!

It has enough clips and buckles to make even the coolest Goth jealous and it is a sparkling white (hehe not for long!!).  It fits my every curve and keeps those nasty bugs from biting me.

So here goes my fashion parade..... what do you think?

This season's design is contoured for the masculine undercarriage!
A nice snug fit at the front prevents nasty critters reaching one's chest

Allows for plenty of forward motion - yippee! 
Extra protection for the neck when grazing whilst leaving the ears free to flap!
Now then muleteers don't I just look like the handsomest Mini and best of all no itches!!

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  1. You are the most handsome ever on the mulewalk, Mini!. The contours fit you splendidly and that white colour ... is an open canvas ready for your artistic inspiration!.