Thursday, 31 May 2012

Taking Humans for A Walk

Shetland Pony in training (for something big, just not sure what yet!!) here!  I have been busy trying to entertain those humans again and last night I had an even bigger task - how to teach a human to walk nicely on the lead!  Well I tell you it was quite fun :-)  We had a visitor to our muleteer HQ who is our Granny Human (we shall call her GH).  Now GH is lovely and brings us treats and scratches but I'm sure she wouldn't mind me saying that us equines are a bit of a mystery. 

GH secretly confided in me that she has no idea how she ended up with a daughter so besotted with us long and short ears?  Now one thing is for sure, GH is game for anything, there's no stopping her.... so when I suggested that I was a little bored of looking handsome in the paddock.... which I do, don't I?.... sorry I digress..... I suggested a little gentle walking of the humans.  Now normally GH is taken for a walk by the canine members of the Muleteer clan but today I thought I'd show her how it's really done.

So here we go with GH, I am demonstrating that GH must go first when we are faced with anything scarey - yes this includes FH snapping away with her camera.  GH and I are perfectly matched as we are both a little short in height but big in personality!

Here I am showing GH how to walk to heel on the lead, she was very good at keeping up and didn't need much encouragement to walk fast, she did keep laughing at me when I was doing my 'little dance' as she called it, Muleteers this was my trotting but I do like it being described as dancing!

Next a demonstration of hedgerow picnincking, this is an essential skill that GH will have to master as it is the true reason for taking the humans for a walk.  GH allowed us ample time to stuff our faces before taking the lead again!

The homeward stretch, GH has learnt some very useful skills, how to walk on the lead without pulling, how to be attentive to my every need, we had a lovely chat and she called me 'My Darling' a lot which made me super happy!  Sometimes the simple things in life like a walk with good company, the sun shining and the odd snack are the best :-)

Well that's all from me Muleteers, I am off to ponder some other essential life requirements in addition to my training walks, hmmm more food, more scratches, permanent sunshine and a new copy of Hairstylist Magazine so I can look at some new styles for my mane!


  1. You are a wonderful trainer, Ro-Land. It was a very sweet moment to share. Keep dancing for sunshine!. You look fantastic in your gorgeous mane and lovely summer coat.

  2. Continue with this! How hard it is to train a human to properly lead!

  3. Love it! As human-in-training myself, I can totally relate to the fact that my donkeys are ALWAYS trying to teach me something - lol! Keep up the good work!