Monday, 7 May 2012

What's on a Mini Mule's Birthday List?

Greetings Muleteers!  I'm a birthday Mini Mule today, I am a whole 7 years old!  So what did this impeccably behaved Mini get for his birthday?  Well there was a pear, a banana peel, a walk with the humans, some birthday visitors and even a birthday hat!  Let me tell you more about it.... 

I was rudely awoken by some nasty rain but luckily I was tucked up safe and warm in my stable with Ro-Land, this mini needs his beauty sleep you know!  I'm very lucky because I can pick whether I want to bed down with Ro-Land or Dragon, some days when I need some peace and quiet I favour Ro-Land and when I want some fire I pick Dragon ;-)

The sun eventually shone and the humans decided that I was allowed some lovely cow parsley - yum!  Then FH decided that I needed a party hat as it was my birthday so the indignity of it all..... she gave me a tiara made of it. I know it's my birthday but I think this is a little unfair!  I am a mature mule now you know.... hehe I did get to eat it afterwards though!

The excitement didn't stop there either!  Imagine my delight when not one but two short eared lovelies came to my birthday party!!  Dragon is the one that normally gets all the attention but today it was my turn to greet the girls as they arrived, I wonder if they like my ears?
So the beautiful new short ears stayed for a little while and tried out the 'treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen' routine on me by trying to nibble my nose - huh, they don't put me off!  

After a little snooze in the sun I was ready for my next birthday adventure, a walk and hedge picnic with FH!  Now don't tell anyone but I love it when I get her all to myself.  Dragon thinks that she is No 1 mule as she gets to go riding with FH, you see I KNOW I'm No. 1 mule because FH tells me all the time, I do try to save everyone's feelings though as bragging is not a nice trait as FH keeps telling me.  

So off we pottered up the lane, I love looking at all the different plants and checking out what I would like to eat next, it's a veritable 'All You Can Eat Mule Buffet!

Well muleteers it was time for this mini to potter home eventually, my tummy was suitably full of lots of lovely hogweed, cow parsley, brambles and grass and Dragon was doing her best impression of a 'Hoarse Horse' (she doesn't have such a mulificent bray neigh as me but I still love her) calling me home.

The day was rounded off by a lovely squishy pear and a tasty banana peel, what a lovely birthday, my birthday wish is lots more walks with FH and an opportunity to sample every plant in the hedgerow - I'll keep you posted on my progress!

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  1. ♥Happy birthday beautiful!♥

    You look very handsome in your edible tiara. What a lovely special day you had!.