Monday, 25 June 2012

Birthday Balloons!

Greetings Muleteers! Roller-Polar here today!  How much fun can you have with a birthday balloon muleteers?  The answer - lots!  It has been FH's birthday today, she has been trying to keep it quiet as she says that it means more grey hairs.... We bought her splendid presents, mostly for our benefit.... a lovely waterproof coat to ensure that she can attend to our needs whatever the weather and Callie spent her hard earned mule money on some new riding boots so that FH looks smart enough to go out with her highness! We were ably assisted by MH who had to actually go to the shops for us... apparently four legs aren't welcome in store, how rude.

Imagine our delight when FH also showed us the presents from the extended family!  FH received food (mmmm share), some human type things and the most adorable porcelain version of me (this one can fit on the shelf muleteers so FH can keep me close at all times!)  Granny Human (GH) also bought her a balloon!  Now muleteers we haven't come across one of these before but FH very generously shared it with us.  I was not really sure what to make of it, I thought I'd give it a taste but I couldn't recommend it....

Then her highness herself investigated, she seemed a little non-plussed by this floating vision and thought that it would make a good object to hide behind.... or perhaps a lollipop to lick?

The Mini was a little more dubious and eyed the balloon with much suspicion.... it must be an alien from outer space?

Finally we left the balloon discovery to the brave one of the gang, the intrepid explorer who always thinks everything is there to be caught... so Catanian put on her bravest cat paws and proceeded to stalk and kill that balloon, FH promptly put the balloon away before Catanian got too carried away.

Finally The Mini looked very smugly at the rest of us, we all know what he's thinking.... no birthday present will ever surpass that which GH bought for FH three years ago for her birthday..... the best present ever that will never ever be beaten no matter how hard anyone tries.....

Yes Muleteers GH bought FH the pony that she'd always wished for, we are sure GH must have missed the very obvious mistake.... the ears are a little on the long side.  Anyway it all worked out well in the end :-)


  1. How lovely!. The balloon, the presents, the stories and the pictures!. Happy birthday FH!.

  2. Birthday wishes from BC, Faith! Hope your day was grand!

    cheers from Cynthia (human with unfortunate short ears), Deenah, Dorica and Siog ... all gorgeous with sublimely long ears!

  3. Happy Birthday such an uplifting and joyful post to read!

  4. Hey Everyone! FH says thank you for the Birthday Wishes! She had a fab birthday and enjoyed sharing with us and you :-)

  5. PS...thank you for stopping by and commenting...from one mule person to another this comes deep from my heat.