Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Calamity Jane!

Yeeha Muleteers! That's all us mules have heard for a while..... Oh the Deadwood stage is rolling on over the hill..... Just blew in from the windy city...... Take me back to the black hills...... And on and on she goes!  Yes muleteers Female Human (FH) has been driving us potty!  She has been watching THAT film again and boy do we know it!  

Now muleteers us mules have mulificent ears for a reason, we have exceptional hearing but that does not mean it should be abused.  Since FH watched this film at the weekend she has been humming and singing away.  It transpires that this film has A LOT to answer for.  From the age of 3 (much younger than us mature mules) FH has been obsessed by her cowgirl hero.  We think she may have taken some of the parts of the film a little too seriously.  When Granny Human (GH) needed a little time out from FH (we understand GH she can go on a bit and the question why? does get a little tiring...) she used to put this film on.  Well FH took to it so much that she soon started dressing up as her favourite character!  She still has that stupid hat we can assure you!
Now who was this Calamity Jane I asked FH?  BIG mistake!  I got a very long winded version of her being a female gunslinger who was an amazing heroine, could shoot a target at 20 paces and was the best rider in town.  Well that's what the film said.... the real Calamity Jane was a much sadder lady and was not always the most stable character.... however one thing that she sure was is a muleskinner - that is a driver of mules.  CJ was a skilled outrider and mule woman and helped to deliver many important loads to the prospectors in the wild west, particularly in a town called Deadwood.  She was not always kind to the rightful population of the land but we hope with time and enlightenment she would now see the error of her ways....

Deadwood Mule Coach

So FH has grown up with her role model looking good in leather chaps, onboard a horse, with less that ladylike language and thinks she can yeehaa her way through life.  Firstly no one told FH that this is Devon, UK not Deadwood, USA and secondly there are no stagecoaches anymore.  FH doesn't mind though, there is still the Wild West (Country) to explore, she has her very own cow mule who seems to be called Callie..... I can't imagine what that's short for? Any guesses?

Muleteers I guess if this noisy film convinced FH to take the less than ordinary route and led her in to the temptation of mules then we'll forgive it, even if my ears are ringing a little, FH sounds a bit like Catanian when she sings!


  1. Look at your ancestors, Callie, no wonder shaping history in many lands!.

    Your FH has given you a pretty name. It came to my mind "Kalliste" (Καλλίστη,) meaning "most beautiful". We can see in the sky the Callisto constellation and the Callisto moon of Jupiter's.

    Any relation to a lovely Muletta I know who is a star? ;-)

  2. And, oh, yes, I would love to hear that duet with Catanian! ...