Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Getting to Know.....Diesel

Greetings Miaowleteers!  It has been drawn to my attention that this fearless feline has been rather quiet on the blogging front.  It has been so difficult prising the keyboard from those naughty equines that I have had to sneak it from under their noses whilst they are busy stuffing their faces.  So welcome to my feline kingdom of fun.  May I introduce myself.....

Name: Diesel (aka Catanian)  I was named Diesel by the lovely lady who rescued me, I was found stuck in a car engine compartment at the age of about 5 weeks.  I was without my Mum and this kind lady took me home, she thought the rather distinguished black spot on my nose was Diesel or grease.... hence my name!  She then found me a home with this very dysfunctional gang, somehow she thought I'd fit right in?
Age: about 1 year
Breeding: Lion..... ok maybe a marvellous moggy of some description!
Size:  Petite and gorgeous!
Coat Color: Black and White with particularly beautiful markings on my nose and chin!
Favourite Pastimes: Climbing on the humans at any opportunity ;-)  I am very good at launching myself from any vantage point straight on to FHs shoulders.  I then pretend that I am hunting FHs hair and try to eat it while she screeches and laughs.  I also like walking with the pack, there is no reason that a cat cannot take its human for a walk is there?

Favourite Person: FH as she calls me for my feline treats everyday, although it is a little embarrassing being called with the words Deesy Weesy......
Favourite Food: No cheap kitty cat food here please, it must be premium poultry cat food.  I am also a very accomplished hunter of mice and delight in bringing them home for FH to marvel at. She seems particularly pleased with me when they are still alive and she has to dispatch them for me ;-)
Favourite Drink: Puddle water.  I am not impressed by fresh clean water in my own bowl, I would rather have the 'puddle' water FH makes sure is left for me at all times.
Favourite Car: A Jaguar - need I say more!
Favourite Movie: Puss in Boots, I do an exceptionally good cute kitty impression, normally before leaping on to FHs shoulder.
Favourite Music: The Miaowsical 'Cats'
Favourite Book: Garfield - the cartoon cat.
Favourite Words:  Deesy Weesy because it means dinner is on its way.....  hmmm I would prefer it if I was referred to as Queen Diesel though.
Unique Talent: Mouse Catcher Extraordinaire!  I am also particularly talented at sitting on FHs shoulder like a pirate's parrot!
Guilty Pleasure: Rolling around in the muddiest patch I can find and then leaping at FH in her nice clean clothes, who said cats had to be clean?
Least Favourite Thing: Those naughty canines!  I do not like those woofy dogs, although I do enjoy taunting them from the other side of the fence where they can't get me.  This is such a fun game!
Favourite Vice: Snuggling up on Dragon's beautiful cow mule saddle, the seat is so lovely and soft, it makes the perfect place for a snooze although I must remember not to sharpen my claws on it, I can't imagine why?
Favourite Clothing: Pah.... clothing is for wimps and owned animals, I need no collars or leads, this kitty is a free agent!
Favourite Possession: My gang, I enjoy owning all these humans and equines, they really are nice subjects for Queen Diesel!
Alternative Career: Acrobat!  I am very agile and like to climb anything in sight. Tightrope walking could be my next challenge.
Describe Yourself in Three Words: Energetic, Motivated and Ferocious
Favourite Quote: 
"Dogs have owners, cats have staff"

Your Perfect Day: 

I'd like to start the day all curled up sound asleep in the bed that is rightfully mine not the mules'! A kitty needs her beauty sleep after a busy night of catching mice - yum!

Then a good game of chase the baler twine with the humans!  A great way to wake up and definitely my favourite toy.

Then it will be time for a walk with the gang, Dragon or Ro-Land are my favourite walking companions, The Mini is terribly rude and tries to stomp on me.

 Then time for a favourite pastime of playing 'Taunt The Mule' - hahaha you can't catch me!

Then finally time for my extra special treat of playing climb the human!!  I can tell she is enjoying this sooo much ;-)


Well Miaowleteers it has been so nice chatting to you but I'm afraid it's time for this kitty cat to go on the prowl.... mice time to leave the area!


  1. Hello Catanian!. I love your style and the great pictures. You are a beauty!.

  2. Diesel what a lovely life you are having with all your friends. You have a full and interesting life out in the countryside, far better than inside a car bonnet! I'm so pleased it all worked out for you. Keep up the mischief and fun. Lots of love Aunty Louise at Little Brambles x x x