Saturday, 23 June 2012

Have Mule, Will Travel!

Greeting Muleteers!  FH and I have just got back from a mule adventure.  Tractors, lorries, motorbikes, cows, mud and miles of fun were all in a day's ride for this mule :-)

Female human (FH) and I are really getting the hang of this riding thing and we are now making the most of going out and about.  Today we were on our own which makes no difference to me, I like going out with My Heroine and FH loves chatting to her owner but I'm equally chilled about going out on my own. No hysterics about leaving my boyfriends, they'll still be there when I get home!

So we saddled up which is getting more fun by the minute.  I used to be a little grumpy about having saddles and cinches (girths) on and FH had to be careful not to get a hoof in the face as I protested by showing what I thought to these straps.  Well FH checked everything fitted properly and when I came to own her found me a lovely comfy cowmule saddle, brand new soft wool girths and most recently I have a saddle pad made of memory foam - heaven!! FH has then been spending HOURS with me doing everything gently and making saddling and cinching fun, when I'm good I get scratches and treats and when I'm not so good she sighs and we start again, as you can guess muleteers I soon cottoned on.  FH is so happy with me now as she doesn't have to reach under me with a stick to grab the cinches, she trusts me enough to put her arm and head down there - as she should, I'm a good muletta now ;-)

Off we went, first up was a steep climb to a track, I had to stop on many occasions to wave my ears at my fan club, it's growing by the day, I even met a man on a mulificent motorbike who was very polite and let me admire his beast, the handlebars looked remarkably like ears!   Then on the very steepest part of the hill we met a car that wanted to pass us, we couldn't pull over so the car had to wait behind us for quite a while, FH thought the driver looked angry as he was gesturing for us to stop and looking a little animated - yikes....  But no, he wanted to stop and gaze at my mulificence!  It is impossible to be angry when faced with such beauty as mine.  FH is thinking of getting a sweater printed with the words 'Yes She's a Mule', this would answer the question that we know is coming when cars slow down or folks just wander out of their houses, we don't mind though, any excuse for a chat!  For our fans elsewhere it's worth pointing out that mules in the UK are VERY uncommon and most people have never seen one let alone one being ridden, particularly in a western saddle, FH and I are getting used to the weird looks!

Did you say something FH?
Then to the off road part, my favourite.  This is a track that is a bridleway but no horses ever use it, apparently it is too stoney, too muddy, too steep and often has pigs next door?  Well this is perfect for this muletta.  We had a lovely ride up the hill and then met a nice jogger who wanted to know all about me but was very worried about my welfare.  FH could not possibly take me in to the woods, they were muddy and hard to get through, then the answer that I was hoping for, "it'll be fine, she's a mule".  So off we set, it was indeed muddy and I had to take some detours to avoid the worst but that was fine.  FH even got involved with the mud as she had to open an impossible gate.  While she wasn't looking.... I just took the opportunity to have a little snack.  Us mules do not just spy food on the floor but up high too, I pulled this lovely branch down for an impromptu picnic, aren't I clever?

Onwards muleteers... the final stretch home was nice and relaxed.  We met a poor man driving a massive truck with a big tank on the back, he looked horrified when he saw me and looked like he was going to panic.  FH and I used sign language and of course I stood rock still like a good muletta while he squeezed past, he looked mightily relieved, what did he think I was going to do? Eat his truck? 

We had some nice pottering along on the lanes, a quick ride-by to wave my ears at my friends Breeze and Chance and then some trots, snacks, walks and a good old chat with FH.  She was telling me how fantastic I am (I already know this!), she would never go back to a short ear ever again.  Her last short ear was a sandwich short of a picnic by the sounds of it!  She was telling me that he was scared of trucks, tractors, bikes, bridges, running water, plastic bags.... well everything really.... and in the process of running away from this whole host of non-scarey items he ditched FH many times, unfortunately with broken ankles, ribs and fingers as a reward for FHs trouble.  Well muleteers how ridiculous, I can't understand why FH had a four legs like that, at least now she has learnt that Mules Rule ;-) I'll keep her safe, us mules have self preservation and that includes our precious cargo!


  1. ..."a saddle pad made of memory foam" ... I love your humans, Callie. How uncomfortable it must be to be saddled up. You are such a wonderful Muletta, no more telescopic tools to safely reach for gear, now. Bravo Señora!.

    ..."It is impossible to be angry when faced with such beauty as mine." ... I concur!.

    You are the cleverest at snack time!. Luscious landscape, beautiful trails ... so many interesting things and beings on the way. That printed sweater would look truly smart.

    And no one waves the ears like you do!.

    1. I am perfecting my ear waves Carmen so that they are mulificent! I think FH is convinced about the sweater.... although if we're honest we do enjoy an excuse for a chat!

      Sweet mule dreams - Callie :-)

  2. I could only wish that we could ride together!

    Beautiful photos and so much fun!
    Thanks for posting!

  3. Riding together would be such fun, my gang would love to meet yours. Alas we will have to share via pictures and words! Every ride is pure pleasure when you have long ears to guide the way :-)