Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Secret to a Happy Mule!

Greetings Muleteers!  Today's post is about keeping us longears happy when the rain is pouring and we have to stay on the yard.... you humans call it environmental enrichment, I call it entertainment!
The weather has been so horrible that we have been off our fields overnight and sheltering in our stables and pottering on our yard.  This is fine but the humans have noticed that if we aren't kept busy we get up to our own mischief like eating rugs, arguing and pulling up fencing posts! MH kindly supplied us with a little entertainment - mule style!
So MH appeared with some delightful snacks for us all to eat, this here is willow.  We are allowed to eat it in small quantities as FH says that large quantities are bad for us - it was so yummy!  I have to say I was a littl bit worried that these branches would attack me at first but Ro-Land and Dragon showed me that they were ok :-)


Later on in the day it was time for an extra special treat.  Grapes!  Now this Mini Mule shares his human's love of grapes (although apparently she enjoys the liquid variety?)  We were super excited to be given some and then MH hid some more around the yard and in our beds for us to find later - very tasty. I did get a little carried away with the grape tasting.....

Dragon decided to be all lady like for once! She told me off and said that one should be graceful when tasting grapes and should appreciate the delicate fragrance and taste?!! I think she's just trying to impress MH!  Must be something to do with that hat? Maybe she wants one for herself?

Today has been another miserable day and we had to come in early but guess what?  FH had set up some more entertainment for us!  This time we were given some apple tree branches - yummy.  Unfortunately Ro-Land had also been busy decorating his hairdo.... someone should really tell him that straw is for eating not for plaiting in to your mane!

How much fun can you have with a load of tree branches!

Finally Dragon looking as lady like as ever!  Even Catanian decided to see what all the fuss was about, hmm she didn't seem impressed by our snacks.  FH says she has plenty of entertainment in the form of mice though so she'll survive!

Til next time muleteers! I wonder what tomorrow's entertainment will be?


  1. Each day with animals is such a fun experience! My mules love fallen tree branches...they love to nibble on them!

  2. I loved the pictures and video. I can see your excitement with the grapes, Mini!. How beautiful you all are.

  3. Good to know about the grapes! I have never fed them but they would be excellent for clicker training, especially as a jackpot reward at the end of our sessions! And apple tree branches? I thought fruit tree prunings were a no-no (can't remember why I think that ...?)
    My donks LOVE maple branches but I am stingy with them as I worry about the sugar. The do get rogue raspberry canes though!

  4. Hi Cynthia! FH has asked us to pass on the following....

    Apple tree wood is fine but fruit trees such as peach, plum and cherry are not (think anything with a stone / pit in it). A very useful link about treats for equines is here - we do not agree with the section about pet food products though - equines are herbivores and should not eat animal products in our view (inc cod liver oil!!) As with everything FH says moderation is best - hmmmm we're not so sure ;-)

    Hope this is useful :-)

  5. Thanks Mules! You guys are a wealth of knowledge! Please thank FH for me (when your mouth isn't full of FOOD! - lol!) And enjoy your weekend ...