Sunday, 17 June 2012

Six Months in The Life of a Mule

Greetings Muleteers!  What can a mule achieve in 6 months?  In my case a lot!  I have been in my new home for a whole six months this weekend and it has gone sooooo quickly.  So I was having a think about all the things I have achieved with my humans in this six months and this is a rundown....

1/. I have found myself in a new home with new humans that I now own.  There is Female Human (FH) who is maid service, mule rider, beautician and general mule's body!  Then there's my fave Man Human (MH) who constantly tells me how beautiful I am, scratches my neck in just the right place and brings me snacks from the hedgerow.  I have been busy training them and refining their behaviour.  The Mini has done a pretty good job but there's nothing like a woman's touch!

2/. I have introduced many new folks to the wonders of long ears.  I have travelled far and wide with FH and waved my mulificent ears to many passers by.  We are constantly stopped by cars to ask all about me, I feel a little like I am constantly being chased by the paparrazi, it's soooo difficult being a celebrity!

3/. I have attended two "horse" clinics with FH and shown off my fine skills at playing tag and something called obstacles, hopefully I can go again soon.

4/. I have wooed the Mini and Ro-Land and now have not one but two mini boyfriends, they're alright really if a little on the short side.... I also have a Catanian partner in crime for when the boys are tiresome.

5/. I have taken FH on the wild and open moor!  Yippee that was fun, moor mule has found her calling!

6/. I have had some exciting riding adventures and have met cars, tractors, sheep, cows, a pony and trap, a hot air balloon, a Chinook helicopter, lots of dogs, people, bonfires, trains, pushchairs, umbrellas, rivers, hills, tiny bridges and rocks and have kept cool under all circumstances, FH is very impressed with my mulish bombproofness, occasionally I will remind her that she can't be totally asleep though ;-)

7/. I have munched my way through 1.2 tonnes of food in the last 6 months! Mostly straw but with some grass, haylage, hedges and twigs thrown in there too.

8/. I have happily trodden and soiled my way through half a tonne of wood shavings bedding!

9/. I have produced over a tonne of mule's gold - ask FH she has weighed every ounce in the barrow ;-)

10/. I have found happiness muleteers!  FH and I are happy pottering around and I have my pals whenever I want, I'm never shut in a stable but can roam in and out when I please.  I have lots of lovely adventures and adoring fans and most of all I have found a little place in the world where mules are the norm not the exception and I am appreciated because I act like a mule.... heaven!

Well muleteers time for me to go and dream of the next 6 months to come, I wonder what the future will hold, more of the same will be just fine with me!

Oh I forgot No. 11...... I have also become a mule blogger and love telling you all about life here with the Muleteers!   We are nearly at 5000 page views, how perfect that we will reach this to celebrate my first 6 months!


  1. This is tonnes of happiness, Callie!. What a wonderful perspective on your busy, productive and blissful life. You are the most beautiful and Magnífica Mula ever!.

    I am sending you nothing short of a tonne of kisses to celebrate! ♥

  2. Thank you Carmen! Your comments on our blog are most mulificent and it is so nice to have made your acquaintance! We hope to continue to take you on our journey of mulish excitement and whim, it's lovely to have you along for the ride :-)

    1. Thank you, Callie, it is wonderful.

  3. I hope you have continued fun and enjoyment. Mules are not always appreciated for how wonderful they are.

  4. :-) Rather a lot of achievements for six months if you think about it...getting to know each other, now the real fun begins...