Sunday, 10 June 2012

Take me to the river...

Greetings Muleteers!  Callie the Amazing Mule Adventurer here!  Rain, what rain? Summer is here so it's time to discover new places with My Heroine Breeze!  There was a break in the rain so off FH and I went to track down Breeze and the lovely human she owns :-)  Now I have told you all before that Breeze and I are hoping to go in to the car wash business so we decided that as we were already a little wet from the rain that it was the perfect time to go and practice.
Off we went to the nearest river, I had my 'going out trousers' on as FH says when I decide to walk at mule speed.  I cannot believe that so many non-mule folk think that because I'm a mule I'll be slow - pah, I'll show them!  My Heroine is a little (read quite a lot) bigger than me but I made her work hard to keep up ;-) 
My Heroine's ears are short but they are still mulificent!
Finally we reached our target practice area.  Breeze eyed up the river and led me along the rocky floor, there were some big drops ready to swallow my mule leggies if I stepped in the wrong place but it's ok I can swim, FH seemed a little worried though...  

So we stood and watched My Heroine for a while, she is mulificent at the rinse technique, unfortunately we can't give you a picture as FH forgot her camera (duh) but here's one I took earlier, she is sooooo talented!

Then it was my turn to amble back in to the river so that I could check out the water.  We just stood for a while and I found a very nice holly bush overhanging the river so I could snack and paddle at the same time, I did get a bit stuck though!

After watching for a while I decided to take the plunge and test out my blowing bubbles technique and my splashing technique, ok it wasn't as mulificent as Breeze's but I'm only just beginning.  FH and CH had a good giggle as they were amazed that I had copied My Heroine, of course you don't think I was just stood watching for the sake of it?!

Eventually after we had exhausted ourselves with splashing it was time to lead the way home, onwards muleteers!

My Heroine and I waved our ears goodbye and went home, we've decided that much more practice is required on the splashing (ummmm I mean employment) front, next time we're planning on getting the humans completely soaked, we only managed trouser soaking this time!

Back home for a quick snack and the rain came down again.... never mind muleteers, if I shelter by the hedge I can also eat it at the same time, now that what I call multi-tasking :-)


  1. My mule Badger used to splash like that! He'd blow bubbles too!
    What a hoot, glad to see that HE is not the only one!

  2. My horse likes to completely soak me too......obviously my punishment for asking him to get his feet wet, which is not his favourite thing!