Wednesday, 11 July 2012

It's All in the Ears!

Greetings Muleteers!  Yesterday I was called a pony, well really! Are there not a pair of real giveaways.... It really is all in the ears! 

FH and Dragon have been out together and I have to say I was a little jealous....

But FH made it all better by giving me a good old ear rub. 

My mulificent ears are not only good for hearing the tiniest of noises (I can hear FH in the house when she gets up and if she's not quick enough to appear I will brayneigh to show her my discontent).  In the wild my cousins can hear their pals over many kilometers in the desert. 

My ears are also designed as heat exchangers.  My donkey cousins use their amazing ears to cool down in the desert.  I have inherited this and my ears are also good for cooling me down when it gets hot (hmmm no sign of that though).

Me and Dragon also use our ears to communicate with each other.... we lay them back on our heads and make grumpy faces at each other, this is like a lover's argument really as it never comes to anything but it does mean that we know what the other is thinking without actually having to be mean to each other.  This does leave us with a little problem though muleteers...... 

Where are Roller's Ears?

What on earth do we do about Roller's ears?  His are a little, errm well, on the short side?  It is not very easy for us to tell what Roller's thinking as we often can't see his ears under all the fluff.  Roller is pretty easy going and *we think* he rarely gets grumpy (guess we wouldn't know?) but Dragon and I think we might investigate some ear extensions for him!

Finally but most importantly my ears are so sensitive to touch and FH knows just where to scratch to send this mini mule a bit squiffy.  If FH rubs my ears in just the right place I am unable to think coherently and my eyes start to twitch.  It is heaven!  I also like to have my forehead scratched too, we mules don't have forelocks like horses so this bit can get bitten by the flies and it makes me itchy... FH knows just the place to scratch.


So next time you see mulificent donkey or mule ears remember they have a purpose - hearing, cooling, communicating but most of all they are just perfect for a good old scratch!

Ears to you all!  Have a lovely day :-)

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  1. Lovely ears!. Short, long, I love them all!. You made me laugh with those "ear extensions".