Sunday, 22 July 2012

Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon.....

Summer has arrived Muleteers!  It's finally here and us muleteers are making the most of it.   We have been dozing in the sun, enjoying the rays on ours backs whilst our slaves (humans) bring us delicacies to eat.  The humans have been at home and have been 'gardening' this generally means they have been chopping down bits of the local plant life for us muleteers to then eat...This weekend the Roller and I have been mainly confined to Muleteer HQ, FH says that the grass is growing rapidly and us Minis would eat until we popped, how rude!  A Mini has to keep his waistline healthy you know, just in case the grass should stop growing, I need reserves.  I did try to tell FH this but she just smiled and hugged me a little bit more.  I guess the hugs are a little bit of compensation...

Man Human (MH) has been very busy on the gardening front, Roller and Dragon have been helping him with his tools and we have all been watching and encouraging with neighbrays to make sure that he has been doing it to our satisfaction.  We requested Willow, Rose, Hazel and Bay and it all appeared.  I like all of the above except for Roses.  Dragon is the only one that has mastered the rose eating attack... She likes to stuff it in and then draw her lips back so that the nasty thorns don't hurt her, she is such an expert (I am secretly a little jealous, when is FH going to bring me thornless roses?)

On the subject of roses I think I have competition Muleteers!  That naughty Dragon was busy falling asleep but seems to be rather taken with MH, she was going all gooey over him, I couldn't get her attention at all - well how very dare MH! 

It's a good job that I have FH!

My other lady friend Catanian was feeling the heat a little and was trying the stretch as long as possible, her approach to keeping cool.... she really is a strange cat, does she not realise she's in the gutter?  Hmmmm

Its time for another snooze now folks, a busy weekend full of fun and sun, the perfect kind!  I will be making the most of it, the sun is here to stay for a while ;-)  I may even have to instruct FH on gardening that involves bananas, surely they must grow around here somewhere?


  1. Enjoy your beautiful summer days!. I send you, Mini, a lovely bouquet of thornless delicate roses that I grow in my garden in loving memory of my little son ♥

  2. Dearest Carmen, I am so grateful for the roses, I will very much enjoy them :-) Sending you mule snuffles across the miles ♥

    1. Your sweet snuffles warm up my heart, Mini.

  3. Awww, thank goodness you have some sunshine! We have relentless sun and humidity.
    Regarding the 3 rule. When said mule usually can complete her task on the third try. I don't go back and keep repeating. She gets a break until next time. Mules normally do not like repeating a successful task over and over.
    Once they 'get it', they've 'got it'.
    But time will tell on the next time we do this.
    Too sweltering today. Over 100 degrees in the sun.