Sunday, 29 July 2012

Magic Cream Saves the Day!

Well muleteers I have had a very relaxed weekend... not of my choice.  I am on restricted duties, e.g. no work - boooooo!  I have a poor sore fetlock where a pesky fly has bitten me and made it all sore and gunky.  Not mulificent! So FH says that I'm not allowed to work as the mud will get in and make it more sore.

So in best British mule tradition I have been 'Keeping Calm and Carrying On Being Mulificent!'  The sun has been out again and I have made the most of it by sunbathing.  Being a female I am the queen of multi tasking so why lie in the sun and not eat?  I decided to have a little snack whilst having a lie down, if the sheep can do it, why can't I?


I also concentrated on showing off to the the boys by demonstrating how shiny I am, aren't I gorgeous muleteers?

I was not so impressed when FH decided to clean my sore foot and turned in to what FH calls a Grumpa Mule... I can't imagine what she means - ouch it hurt!  FH cleaned and bathed my foot while my favourite person MH stroked me and fed me calming treats.  It was very sore but FH put some magic cream on it, she reckons the best thing for all muley injuries is something called Sudocrem..... I am not impressed that it is normally used for nappy rash, does she not know that I am stable trained??? I was very polite though and even though it hurt I didn't kick or fidget, us mules are very stoic and don't like to show weakness, it did help when MH rubbed my ears though, he is my hero! I did swish a lot and managed to catch FH a few good swipes on the face, not too hard though.

Secretly though muleteers my foot does feel MUCH better.  This cream must be magic, it stays in one place, stops the flies and it makes my white socks look even brighter, a little bit like mule make up, I like it :-)  I wonder if it comes in pink???

To encourage FH to carry on making me better I gave her a good snuffle to ensure that there were no hard feelings.  Til next time muleteers I'll be back to work in no time, I can't stay inactive for long, that grass goes straight to my hips!


  1. Dearest Callie, before I started reading your post I had been mesmerised by the intense gloss of your muleficient coat. The sun and stars must very much envy you!.

    Have I ever mentioned that I love your cross?. Which reminds me of the constellation Southern Cross, in the southern hemisphere, of which I grew up gazing upon in clear countryside nights. You see, Callie, you hold the beauty of a constellation!.

    I wish you a quick recovery. Good you multitask in the meantime!.

  2. P.S.: Psst Callie ... impress Roller whispering that you shine like the "Cruz del Sur" (Southern Cross) ... ;-)

  3. Why thank you Carmen! You are so kind and I do rather like the idea of being a starry constellation :-) Hooray I am fixed and back to work! Ro-Land is very impressed with my language skills, I think I am slowly wooing him, thanks!