Thursday, 19 July 2012

Moooo-ve Over Neighbours...

Greetings Moo-leteers!  Callie here, Oh My Mule, the neighbours are causing havoc at the moment!

Imagine my dismay at being awoken by a rowdy bunch of young cattle.  This gang of boys do not have good manners, they are noisy, a little smelly, stare at me very rudely and... well they have the most disgusting toilet habits.

So I thought I'd better go and tell them who's boss in this neighbourhood.  Off I strutted to the top of the field to put these bovine boys in their place, no job is too big for this cowgirl.

I made sure my mulificent ears were looking particularly fine and faced them all down, one mule lady against rather a lot of bovine boys - no problemo!

And would you believe it those naughty boys didn't hang around long... they all sloped off across the field, as if they would be scared of little old me??? ;-)  

'Til next time muleteers, I'm mooo-ving on up!


  1. I think, Callie, that you have a new band of admirers. Look at you in those pictures, tan Bella Muletta (such a beautiful, well, Muletta). Your ears look most muleficient!.

    P.S.: Is it Ro-land on the side, obliviously grazing and deep in thoughts? ...

  2. Why thank you kind Carmen! And yes that is my little boyfriend Roller busy doing what he does best.... philosophising whilst eating!

    1. Of course, for the forthcoming philosophical Friday! ♥