Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Mule Inspection Duty: Neighbourhood Watch

Greetings Muleteers! Yippee I'm fixed, back to work = happy muletta!  FH and I have been out on the town!  Well ok, we've been out and about on the local lanes, we decided to go and inspect the damage from the terrible weather we had earlier in the month.

The lane to my summer residence (hmmm when the sun shines!) has been terribly damaged,  there are deep holes and all of the tarmac has been torn up....  not to worry though muleteers I am the original off road vehicle.  These little rocks and gaps are nothing for a muletta like me.  My hooves have no metal shoes as they don't need them, I like to feel the gravel beneath my feet, it helps me balance and know where to put my feet.  FH never worries about me finding the right track.

This used to be a perfect lane before the rain!

FH hopped on and we had a ride up to the moor to see what was happening up there.  We practiced stops and starts and I am trying to get the hang of gates.  FH would really like me to master this as she wouldn't have to get on and off.  Of course I know what I'm doing but I do get a little distracted by the tasty hedgerows that grow next to the gates.  I'll think about trying harder with them though as FH looks a little puffed at having to get on and off - LOL!  

The view was wonderful, Dartmoor is home to sheep, cattle, ponies (short ears but they're still quite nice) and pixies!  I know lots about the pixies and occasionally we see them creeping down from the moor at night to come and share our water.  They are very nice and this muletta is not scared of them.  Occasionally when FH isn't concentrating they pop out from the hedgerows and say hello, this often makes me jump and my ears nearly touch in the middle, FH thinks I'm doing something called shying but really I'm saying hello to the secret pixies - she wouldn't understand being a two legs!

Dartmoor, home of the Pixies!
Alas it was time to go home, on the way FH was telling me that pesky dogs have been causing trouble in the local area by killing sheep.  How dare they!  These sheep live in my territory and there will be no nastiness, besides which my mini boyfriends are not that much bigger than sheep and I wouldn't want these dogs having designs on them for dinner :-(  

My friendly farmer has put up a sign to warn dog owners to make their dogs behave, I thought I would leave my own mark on the sign, a good bite out of it should put them off, this mule is on the prowl and will not take kindly to any dogs making trouble with my neighbours!

A chunk out of the sign should make my intentions clear!
Finally we were home, I was raring to go further and it seems that I may have a willing volunteer for the next ride.... FH seemed a little disgruntled, everyone is getting in on this mule riding act!  Don't worry muleteers I'll save the next ride for her :-)

Catanian climbs onboard!


  1. Oh, that little amazon, so lovely. Your sightseeing adventures carry me there, too, Callie!. The landscape is fantastic and no bad terrain is a challenge for this great Muletta. Your encounters with pixies are delightful.

    On the other hand, how concerning it is that humans do not control their canine friends with such terrible consequences.

    I am glad to know that your foot has healed. Could not help but appreciate the beautiful pattern of your dexterous hooves. So nice that you can feel the gravel and make exact calculations. I like to go barefoot, too!.

    Love and chin rubs to you all.

  2. I envy you your ears. My human could do with ears like that hers don't work too well. Luckily I have great hearing.
    Ah gates my speciality...my human is so lucky to have me look after her.