Monday, 16 July 2012

The Next Generation of Mule Riders!

Greetings Muleteers!  Wow another busy weekend!  This weekend I have been busy educating the next generation of mule riders :-)  I was very proud to be trusted with a very precious cargo - a small person!  Imagine my delight when I was togged up in my finest cowmule gear ready to show off with my newest rider - we shall call her Happy Human. 

Uncle Human visited and brought with him our very special guest HH.  I knew something was going on when FH dressed me up in my finest gear but did something odd with the stirrups, unless we were off racing they're not normally this short?!

And there was my new rider looking fine in my favourite colour pink - I knew that we would get on!  She was a little shorter than I'm used to but that's no problem, MH can lift her up I'm sure, anyway she'll be lighter than FH.

So preparations were made and I stood very still for my small rider to be lowered in to position, hehe if this was FH I wouldn't stand quite so still, I know how I need to behave with a small person onboard!

And then we were off, MH decided that he needed to walk by my side to stop HH sliding off but that was just silly so I refused to walk until he brought up the rear! I am totally trustworthy you know muleteers.  Onwards muleteers, off we go!

We had a lovely walk out together, I showed HH all the lovely sights and we visited with the local cows, I also gave the big humans a good power walk, they needed the exercise after eating far too much lunch.  And of course muleteers I was extremely well behaved and looked after my passenger very well.

I demonstrated the pleasures of hedgerow picnicking to my new mule rider and showed her what's best to munch, she was very happy to stop and let me eat.  Muleteers I did have some real jealousy about those boots though, how cute are they in pink, I wonder if they make them big enough for me?


I also taught my new rider the importance of posing!  I think that she's a nautral, she'll make a model mule rider in no time at all :-)

After a lovely time eventually we had to go home, there were lots more jobs to be done and grass to be eaten.... after all you can't be a mule rider without the other stable chores that go with it!

Even Uncle Human forgave me for making him walk fast, it seems a nice day was had by all, I was very pleased that he brought us our special guest, I hope she can come and play again soon?

After all the jobs were done my new friend came back and showed me how much fun she had ... this much!!

Well muleteers I'm off for a rest today, it's been a busy weekend.  It's always important to show the next generation of mule riders the joys of us long ears - who knows.... we may have the next Calamity Jane right here!


  1. Dear Callie, not only are you a Magnífica Mula but, not surprisingly, a Mula Modelo (a model mule, impress Ro-Land with your ever-growing Spanish vocabulary).

    That ride uphill looks so easy on your dexterous pretty hooves, yet the humans afoot seem to be doing a great after lunch exercise!.

    What a lovely scenery and tasty hedges. Wonderful family pictures. Your beautiful profile is worth of a portrait drawing! ♥

  2. Loved the post, good pics too!

  3. I was always told I was much better lookin' on a mule. I never quite knew how to take that. That young lady is marvelous either way... :)

    1. She looks pretty wonderful we all agree :-) so nice to introduce the young to the pleasures of long ears! Thanks for stopping by, we always really enjoy your blog Dr Gooch!