Tuesday, 24 July 2012

One Man's Trash is Another Mule's Treasure!

Greetings Muleteers!  When does rubbish become treasure?  Well when you're me everything is a potential culinary delight!  MH has been busy gardening in my honour and has been assembling a lovely pile of edible goodies for me.

I have been busy sunbathing and enjoying the lovely weather and as I am rather less prosperous in size than those naughty minis I have been allowed out on some extra grass.

Imagine my delight when I relaised that MH's trash heap was left just for me!  Who needs lovely green grass when there's a bonfire pile ripe for the munching.  FH got a little concerned as she was flapping that coniferous woods are not safe for mules - does she think I'm daft??  Anyway she watched me carefully in case I should have a funny five minutes and decide to eat something that will give me belly ache, she's such a drama queen sometimes. 

Now then I was thinking about the meaning of 'Bonfire', generally this is accepted to mean trash that is ready to be burnt.... now my mule logic interprets this as 'Trash that is ready to be engulfed by a Dragon', perfect, I am one therefore I eat :-)

I did my best to hide myself away in the Bonfire, so that FH couldn't see me when it was time to be caught for bedtime.... alas it didn't work.  I am so pleased, MH's trash is my treasure, now then I wonder if he would like to cut down some more roses for me or perhaps that elusive apple tree across the garden fence, surely they must be fit for Dragon's Bonfire???


  1. What a delicious heap of treats, Callie. You have a lovely trim figure!.

  2. FH, I am curious about your mention of coniferous woods as that's mostly what we have here on the west coast of BC! My donkeys love fir and hemlock blown down during a storm, even a bit of cedar now and then! Should I snatch it all away? No problems that I can see so far.

  3. Hi Cynthia, panic not! As Callie says I am over dramatising :-) 'Coniferous' woods covers a large family of trees including some nasties such as a native in the UK - Yew which is highly toxic (although would certainly not be on the wood pile anywhere near the muleteers ;-) Some of the coniferous family can have irritating saps so overload would not be a good thing. I found a very good link that might help you here http://www.town.crowsnestpass.ab.ca/protective-a-community-services/weed-control which has lots more local info. As far as I know Hemlock (the tree not the plant!) is fine as are most firs. If you want more info this is a site I like http://www.ansci.cornell.edu/plants/php/plants.php?action=faqs&num=187
    Hope this helps! There is never a definite answer for most plant species but many of these would lie in the 'grey' area where small quantities are fine but large may cause a problem I guess.
    Hope your minis are doing well :-)

  4. have to say, you look good on it!