Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Ro-Land's Grooming Masterclass

Greetings Muleteers!  Prettiest pony in the whole wide world here :-) Well I am after acting as number one model for a grooming masterclass!  Dragon has been telling you about her moment of glory carrying our new friend Happy Human out for a ride.  Never mind, us minis had just as much fun teaching our friend all about grooming!

Obviously being preened and made shiny is something that I enjoy a lot muleteers.  My dashing mane and silky coat are just so pretty that everyone wants to get involved..

So FH handed me over to our new pal and we went to the Pony Parlour ready for a good brush and pamper.... here I go walking nicely on the lead rein.  I do rather like the look of those pink boots, mmmm might have to investigate those later!
Now then muleteers where does one start when grooming such an amazingly handsome pony as myself, it would seem that my new friend is a little uncertain too, I think she was rather awestruck by my mulificent mane! Not to worry muleteers my new friend soon knew what to do and found a use for her brush!

I whispered in FHs ear that this was great fun, two groomers at once, how perfect can a pony's day get?

It wasn't all grooming though, we even had time for a little cuddle which is always great!  And how nice is this that someone can cuddle me at the right height.... I am liking this muleteers, someone on my level :-)

And finally we had a good chat and Happy Human told me all her best secrets, including her nickname for Uncle Human - hehehe I will tease him with that next time I see him ;-)

Once I had been primped and preened it was time for a relaxing bite to eat.  But wait what's this?  I have been ousted from the grooming masterclass by The Mini!  Wait I can't believe it, FH is using him for the foot picking demonstration..... muleteers this is unbelievable!  This is the mule that always used to run away from everyone and would not tolerate anyone but FH touching his feet for many years, how mules can change.  Apparently I'm too wriggly and can't stand very well on three feet (it's so unnatural!) so FH asked The Mini nicely and demonstrated how to give us pedicures, after all it's not just about the glamour of the brushing, daily foot care is essential too!

I'm sure you can see that the brushing was definitely worth it Muleteers.  It's hard to improve on such stunning natural good looks as mine but a little brushing can work wonders!  Until next time muleteers, hope you have someone that gives your mane a brush and cleans between your toes!!


  1. What a wonderful time you all had!. You are so beautiful and sweet, Ro-Land. It is so nice to have someone your size to walk you and admire your striking looks!. Even the lovely Mini looks high here! ♥

    You three are masters of gentleness and friendship. Wonderful pictures of cuddles and whispers.

    And for that last portrait with your brushed mulificent mane: a masterpiece!.

    1. Dear Carmen. I am glad you appreciate my magnificent mane :-) my ears are a little shorter but my mane makes up for them! Such a lovely time with friends, it is nice to be admired. Sending pony cuddles to you over the miles!

    2. The beautiful rain astride sunshine rays has delivered your sweet pony cuddles to me. Thank you, dear Ro-Land.

  2. ... if you are a little shy about your pretty ears being a bit on the short side, I find them to be of the most useful purpose in not interfering with your magnificent mane riding the winds!.