Friday, 13 July 2012

Roller's Philosophical Friday: Rain

Dearest Muleteers,  it's gone and done it again, another day of constant rain.... my hair is all frizzy and I long for some sun to dry me out.  I spent the day voluntarily tucked up safe and warm indoors and only ventured out when there was a break in the rain.  I had plenty of time for philosophising and it got me thinking about rain. Us British ponies do like to complain about it, it's a nation-wide obsession (ok this year has been exceptional...)

So I was thinking that rain is good, yes muleteers I've convinced myself the rain butt is half full and that we really should be celebrating.  I even found a very apt quote so here we go..

And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain there would be no rainbow.

Gilbert K. Chesterton

Our Granny Human (GH) would also put it another way.  Find the positive out of the negative!

So my list of good things about rain are:

1/. The Mini can have fun without his bug rug on as the flies can't bite him - he enjoys being able to roll and scratch

2/. The rain makes the grass grow - yum!

3/. A little indoor time lets us muleteers catch up on the gossip and enjoy spending time together.

4/. The rain makes FHs hair go frizzy and that makes us laugh (don't tell her though...)

5/. We have enough rain at the moment, some mule friends in far away places don't so we are grateful!

6/. When it rains a lot you appreciate the sunshine that bit more :-)

7/. Lots of rain means lots of time for philosophising!


So there we have it muleteers, rain = good!  We hope you all have a lovely weekend and maybe we might see a rainbow and the elusive sun!


  1. Nice thoughts! But have to say, we`ve had a tad too much rain this year!!

    1. Yes a little optimistic, let's hope the sun shines soon!

  2. Awww they look so cute! We had enough rain this morning to wet our appetite for more. Everyone had a good roll in the dampened dirt.

  3. Mini, I love your "gel" manestyle. Keep dry and cosy. Lovely pictures!.