Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Stressed? You Need a Mini Mule!

Greetings Muleteers, FH is having one of *those* days where everything is stressful.... can't do right for doing wrong? Can't understand what makes humans tick? Wish you were somewhere else? Wonder why whatever you say it offends someone?  Sound familiar?  Now then muleteers what you need is Dr. Mini to take the blues away!

FH came to see us with droopy (imaginary) ears and a sad expression.  It had been a day where she wondered how things had gone so wrong?  Welcome to the couch (straw bed) of Dr Mini.  Muleteers I have a very important place in the herd, I may not carry my FH on wild adventures or have beautiful hair that blows in the breeze like Roller but I do the most important job.  I use these mulificent ears for the most important task of all, I listen.  FH brings her problems to me and whispers them in to my beautiful ears.

As an experienced practitioner of FH therapy I know just what is required and when.  A starter of plop picking gets FH absorbed in some physical exertion that she can't possibly mess up.  Then it's time for the snuffle treatment.  Depending on the level of the problem I may go in for the treatment on my own....

If the problem is just too big I call in the rest of the gang and we go for a thorough muleteer snuffle attack.  By this stage FHs ears have normally perked up a bit and she is starting to smile if only just a little.

It is then time for the proper Dr Mini treatment where I listen to FHs problems.... they are problems only humans can make but I can see how they upset her.  From my perspective they all add up to the following...

1/. Someone wants the bucket of tasty carrots but rather than asking nicely they wait until the bucket holder's back is turned kick them and run off with the bucket and don't want to share.  Surely next time the bucket holder won't bring the carrots for any of them again so everyone loses out?

2/. One mule is jealous of another mule's mulificent ears and can't understand why they can't have the same mulificent ears so spend their entire lives telling any passing mule that will listen how horrible said mule is and how his ears are rubbish...

3/. Mule number one tries to help mule number two in distress, he wants nothing other than to make his buddy happy.  In the process both mules knock over the bucket of carrots accidentally and get beaten for a genuine mistake.... no one has carrots and no one is happy?

4/. Mule number one doesn't understand that mule number two's favourite thing is carrots so takes every opportunity to tell everyone that carrots are terrible and are the work of the devil, he doesn't understand that some mule's like carrots and some like apples?  Not everyone is the same?

Muleteers I could go on and on but you get the idea.....

After a while of staring in to my very beautiful eyes and whispering that I'm the best Dr in the house (don't tell MH, hehehe) FH cheers up.  I take up my reversing position and sit in her lap or rest my head on her shoulder.  This is FHs favourite thing although she does complain pathetically about her trousers or sweater getting dirty (futile!).  I assume the position and present my tail or ears for scratching, how can FH be sad when she has me as her best buddy?  It's all about perspective muleteers, only some things in life are actually the important ones.

Dr Mini's Important Things

Doing the RIGHT thing, not the 'right' thing
Doing what you love and loving what you do
Looking after those that need it
Being tolerant of those that are different (not everyone has mulificent ears ;-)
Go to bed at night knowing that you stuck by your moral values
Ask for forgiveness, not permission when you really need to do the right thing

Well muleteers Dr Mini has had a busy day on the couch so I'm off for some eating therapy myself.  You humans really are a strange bunch, at least I have a 'purpose' in life, who says you need drugs or a doctorate to make folks feel better, it's all in the ears :-)


  1. Dear Dr Mini, you heal the human soul with your great kindness and wisdom. All those velvety muzzles and whiskers to the rescue are sure to brighten the darkest of days.

    Truth is, when days turn like a carrot situation above, I come back to this page —your world, so kindly shared with us— to gaze upon each of you. There is a profoundness, so beautiful and unique to each, that brightens a cloudy day far away ...

  2. Dear Carmen, I am so pleased to help! We love your description of a 'carrot situation', we muleteers think this may become a common saying in our kingdom :-) Never fear Dr Mini is here even when the cloudy day is so far away I will send you nuzzles and fun over the miles.

    1. And now I am laughing, Mini. Thank you! ♥

  3. LOL loving 'carrot situation' have many of those, thinking you mini mules will definately be in demand once the secret of these therapy sessions get out...

  4. Dear Jo, we are a well kept secret but definitely the best way to beat the blues! Let's hope all of our 'carrot situations' subside :-) next time you have one dream of a mini mule and it'll make you smile!

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