Monday, 9 July 2012

There's No Place Like Home

Greetings Muleteers!  Ponies are not made for cities.... of this I am sure.  FH has just got back from the hustle and bustle of London, she sneaked a peek at the equestrian stadium for the Olympics in Greenwich and although it sounds magnificent I have decided that I won't attend.   I think the underground and traffic would play havoc with my hair!

The Big City just sounds so busy, lots of people, lots of noise and not much green grass.  I can't imagine what I'd live on? I'm a growing boy you know.  FH enjoyed herself but was very pleased to be home with us muleteers.  She returned to a bit of a mess though.... we have had severe flooding over the weekend, MH was left on emergency duty, ditches were dug, hourly checks made and lots of clean bedding and ample straw arranged so that us muleteers could stay safe and dry.  Wow!  We were so lucky, we had a little bit of rain that blew in through our doorways and an ample amount of mud but the deluge stayed firmly outside, unlike most of our neighbours we were not flooded - phew!  I had been communicating hard with the rain doctor and for once he listened.

FH had only been home a few minutes before she was at the tidy up, it would have been rude to let her do it all by herself so I gave her my best encouragement.  FH likes to have kisses blown in her face whilst she is organising our beds so as she had rather a lot to do I snuffled away.

Today brought welcome relief when we had a little bit of sunshine if only for it to be rudely interrupted by yet more rain... will it ever stop?  FH came home full of news, good and bad.  Some that had made her heart sink and left her in need of snuffle treatment (we obliged of course) and some that is good and bad.  FH was telling us about some poor long ears that had been abandoned in a bog ( and one of them had drowned.  Imagine how awful that would be?  If we didn't have nice humans that loved us the same could happen to any of us.... FH wasn't all doom and gloom though.  These special donkeys have been rescued and will now be cared for by the folks at The Donkey Sanctuary, hopefully they will one day find themselves in a lovely home like ours with friends just like mine.

I guess what I was thinking today is that there's no place like home.... especially when you have a roof over your head, grass to nibble, good company and lots to do...... I hope my long eared cousins are enjoying their new home, they deserve it!


  1. Dear Roller, I am glad to know that everyone is dry and safe. It might have been frightful. What a crisp and comfortable bed you have!.

    I am a longtime supporter of The Donkey Sanctuary organisation. I feature those touching stories in my conservation blogs. I even watched live the last Xmas celebration, so emotive with all the lovely residents together!.

    I know from close the dire situation of the Donkey in the Middle East and cannot thank enough the Sanctuary's activism in that area, as in all places where help is needed. What you related is heartbreaking, not even a single life is to be lost. The survivors are in loving hands now and hopefully will find a warm permanent home soon.

    But all these lovely pictures of your Home made me smile. In the bottom one, Lady Diesel gets all the attention!. Adorable foursome! ♥

  2. Please send some of your rain my way! We are drowning in dust here in the US Midwest. Green grass is almost a thing of the past.

    I'm glad everyone is safe. And I have to agree, cities and I don't get along anymore...maybe I am just old.