Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Pony Sized Canines?

Dearest Muleteers!  I am having a slight identity crisis!  I know I am a small pony (with big brains, attitude and beauty!) but I have always thought of myself as being bigger than a canine.....  imagine my confusion when MH took me for a little potter with another member of our clan, he is known as the Biggy! 

Perhaps his name is a give away?  I talk to him over the fence all the time but it is only when we go for walks together that I really notice that he is nearly my size! 
I did wonder for a moment if he was in fact one of my kind?  He has long legs and a long tail but lacks my magnificent mane and his hooves look a little strange.  Just to confirm I had a little sniff and definitely confirmed that he does not have 'eau de pony', in fact he smells quite unpleasant but we won't hold that against him! 

We had a little potter, I snacked on grass and the Biggy snacked on the by product of the grass (i.e. pony poo!), what an odd creature!

After all the excitement of meeting more friends it was time to just fit in another mouthful of pleasant grassy goodness before going back to report on my adventure to the other muleteers!

It would appear that there are pony sized canines in this area but this one seems friendly.  In fact I think I feel a little bit happier knowing that he is on the other side of the fence to see off those other slightly less than polite canines that might be around.  I just have one request.... although he is called the Biggy, I would rather not be called the Littley, it might hurt my feelings.... what I lack in size I make up for in every other way :-)


  1. There is a canine comes in my field who would make your biggy look little. It's an irish wolf hound not nearly as pretty as you although possibly as big.

  2. Oh, Roller, what a pair!. Such different gourmet pickings you and Biggy had. I love those pictures, you and Biggy look great together.

    I shared my life with two Gazelle Hounds or Saluki. Kin to the Greyhound, they are as large as them but with feathery hair. I also had an Irish Wolfhound neighbourhood friend, so gentle he was.

    Your Eau de Pony Magnifique sounds très chic!.