Friday, 24 August 2012

Roller's Philosophical Friday: Horse Sense

Greetings Muleteers!  I have been catching up on the latest in the racing news today and am mightlily impressed at my distant cousing Frankel the racehorse.  He has managed to win thirteen races in a row, amazing!  He obviously has the Shetland Pony Speed Gene (it's official!).  Racing does always intrigue me though..... you strange humans place bets on us four legs to see who will win.  I've heard it rumoured that it is huge business worth millions of £s!  Seems strange when I also hear that there isn't enough food to eat and life is hard and cruel for many but alas it seems to be entertaining?

It got me to thinking about betting and how strange you humans are and I found a little quote which made me smile..... wonder who has the common sense now then ;-)

Horse sense is the thing a horse has that stops him betting on people!
W.C. Fields

Perhaps we should organise a little race for the humans, we've heard there are some excellent games like the egg and spoon race, the wheelbarrow race (sounds perfect) or maybe some field events like welly wanging or stack the straw bales?


  1. Humans are weird. I think teaching humans the enjoyment of a good roll in a nice patch of mud would do wonders for them.
    Love the quote.

  2. Very true!........My human watches horses on a light box" Always muttering stuff!

  3. My dear Roller, how sensible of you to share this quote. Racing brings so much suffering and tragedies ...