Friday, 10 August 2012

Roller's Philosophical Friday: Trust

Dearest Muleteers, it's nearly the weekend.  It has been an up and down week, The Mini and I have been bimbling around enjoying the sunshine which occasionally made an appearance.  However, our lady friends have been a little on the "grumpa" side... FH has a bad back and Dragon has a war wound on her leg....

This is not a good combination, Dragon's leg needs cleaning and FH looks like she is 90 years old and has just run the marathon ;-)  Watching the pair of them grumping at each other has been quite amusing!  But we've noticed something as the time has gone on this week.... they have been learning to trust each other even more than before.  Both need the other one's help to do what they need to and we can tell that there has been some female communication thing happening.  Grumpa Mule has been helping Grumpa Human and vice versa and both are feeling much better.  Us boys have been staying out of the way and observing from a distance (safest)!

Which leads me on to this Friday's quote about trust.

He who does not trust enough, will not be trusted.
Lao Tzu

Well Muleteers I'm off to concentrate on my new task of the moment.  I am currently moulting my summer coat ready for winter and have started growing my 'base layer'.  Oh I can't wait for the snow this year, I am a Polar Bear Pony you know ;-)  FH wants the sun to stay, maybe just for a little while?


  1. :) Thanks for the great smiles this gave me today!

  2. Callie, what happened to your foot?.

    Roller, what a nice piece of wisdom you have shared today. I cannot wait to see you in your ponificious winter coat!.

    Feel well soon, ladies ♥♥

  3. I could do with some sun for a few more weeks!