Monday, 27 August 2012

The Art of Pottering!

Greetings Muleteers!  We have visitors from afar! My cousin Ross has travelled all the way from Canada to meet us minis and I have taken it upon myself to teach him the Art of Pottering.  Cousin Ross is a master of relaxation, he has my capacity for snoozing and he likes the chilled out things in life! I knew that we were gonna get on well :-)

Before heading out for a walk I tutored Cousin in the art of making oneself handsome just in case we should meet any admirers on the way!  So a snuffle here and a brush there meant that I was spruced up ready for my potter.  Although pottering is about taking a relaxed attitude to life it is important to not look untidy!

So I instructed Cousin Ross in the art of pottering up the lane, not too fast as my little legs are not built for bursts of speed and Cousin Ross is much faster than me... buy hey we enjoyed the view and discussed some manly stuff like girls (Ross has an Emily who is lovely apparently, she sounds like she's a lot nicer to Ross than Dragon is too me.....), beer (yum!) and trucks (ok if they fetch me food!).  

I knew that there was another reason that I like cousin Ross though.... he has an eye for the best bits of grass.  He took me over to the nicest patch, he definitely understands the Art of Pottering - everything in your own sweet time with ample snacks along the way - perfecto!


Another part of the Art of Pottering is not to overdo things...  we had a little wander up the lane but best not to overdo it!  There's always another day to do strenuous things!

But alas what's this?  Cousin Ross has been called back home!  Apparently he has to go home and work and also wants to go and see his girlpony.  Oh well, hopefully he will remember the Art of Pottering when he's back home in Canada :-)  

'Til next time Cousin Ross, I'll be ready and waiting for the next session of manly pottering when you visit again ;-)


  1. No philosophical pondering from Roller yesterday (Friday 30 August) - I hope that he is OK.
    Regards from Judy in Cambridge

    1. Have no fear Roller will be back :-) he has been rather over exerting himself entertaining guests. This of course has involved looking magnificent and on occasion breaking in to a trot! Roller pondering will resume shortly. Nice to hear from you again Judy :-)

  2. Dear Roller, I cannot agree more with you in looking handsome before heading out. But with your natural gorgeous looks it is easy!. How wonderful to have a quiet stroll with snacks and conversation along the way. Lovely pictures and video!.