Saturday, 18 August 2012

You Scratch My Back.....

Greetings Muleteers!  Sometimes in life there are those times when you just have an itch that you can’t scratch!  I have to tell you that this is where friends come in very handy.  When you’ve got a itchy back there’s nothing like a pal to scratch it for you.  It has been pretty windy this week which means that I can have my bug rug off for a while as the pesky midges can’t fly around and bite me.  I love the wind!

When the rug comes off it’s the ideal opportunity to have a good itch and scratch but sometimes I can’t reach everywhere but that’s ok because us muleteers love to have a scratch together, it makes us happy and we do it to let each other know that we’re friends J

So I started out having a scratchy groom with Dragon, she is a very good groomer and very diligent but it is just a little frustrating because I can’t quite reach her!  I do my best to itch all the right spots, it seems that I was doing a good job today as Dragon didn’t grump at me like she sometimes does (you ladies really are hard to work out, hot or cold, Jekyll or Hyde? Who knows?). 

So we had a good snuffle, I stretched and stretched!

And then I concentrated on her lovely shoulders…. She seemed to like this!


But then it seems I had sent my long-legged girlfriend to sleep and she came over all yawny!

So I left Sleeping Beauty to her beauty sleep and went in search of Roller…..

Don't tell my lovely Dragon friend but sometimes it is a little bit easier to groom when you're the same height!  Roller and I had a very good scratch.


So remember Muleteers friends really are useful, if you scratch my back I'll scratch yours ;-)

P.S. all the girls in my life are fixed for those that have been kind enough to ask :-)  Catanian is busy hunting everything in sight, Dragon is being a typical mule and healing well and FH is raring to go out for a ride tomorrow so all in all I think I have fixed them!  I had stern words and snuffles for each of them and they have listened to Dr Mini's orders - I take all the credit ;-)


  1. I am so jealous at your pics. I have no one to give me a scratch since my friend left. I hope it won't be long before I have a friend to share my place. No one should be on their own for long.

    1. We would scratch you if we could Zoe! It is sad to be on your own too long :-( we're sure your human is a good scratcher though! We can highly recommend mini pals, in the meantime we're sending you imaginary scratches x

  2. Lovely...good pals human and animals are the best!
    Great shots and videos!

  3. Lovely windy scratches!. How sweet when Dragon reaches your back while you scratch her chest. Such a beautiful bond and quality time all together. Glad to hear that you have healed all the ladies, Dr Mini!.