Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A Mini Summer Nights Dream!

Greetings Muleteers!  The summer has been and gone so it figures that the sunshine has now arrived!  After a busy day's eating I am content in the evenings to dream of all of the lovely things that summer brought me.  So what's on a Mini Mule's summery 'Best Of' list?


1/. My Lovely Rug!
It's all about the outfits muleteers!  I am allergic to fly bites, they make me itch terribly.... so FH bought me a lovely rug to stop them biting me.  It is very fashionable and I think I look quite dapper in it!  I do take exception to the bonnet that she bought me though, I look like quite a fool..... don't worry Muleteers it didn't last long ;-)

2/. Grooming.
I love a good scratch to itch my fly bites and it also lets my friends know that I love them!  Dragon is a little on the tall side so I have to be careful not to crick my neck.  I am lucky though as Roller is much more my height :-)

3/. Bananas!
There is nothing that a lovely banana cannot solve.  Every morning I listen carefully for the cry of 'Mini' and the shaking of peel from MH.  He is peculiar and seems to like the inside bit of the banana and leaves the lovely tasty skin, if I'm quick I can have it all to myself but these days I have to share with others!  Secretly we think that MH has taken to eating more bananas to keep us happy, of course we can't let on that we know so we're happy to oblige in eating them!

4/. Being a Lap Mule
I am famed throughout my herd for being a lap mule.  This is a position that I have been perfecting for many years.  There is a definite technique to sitting in the lap of a human.... first you must begin the Mini Reversal, gently reversing back in to the human without treading on human toes (they are never impressed by this!), then gently nudging them towards sitting on my wall.  Once there I begin the gentle reversal again until I am 'sitting' on the human - normally FH.  Some of the humans I have tried this with have not been cooperative, shame on them!  I was only after a little tail rub and of course I am happy to lend a soft pillow to rest your head on :-)
5/. Teaching the Humans
These days I am the 'Elder Statesman' so that means that I have a reputation to uphold!  No longer am I allowed to behave like a juvenile delinquent (I leave that to Dragon) or the dreamer (I leave that to Roller), nowadays I am expected to display the best of mule traits and teach my human vistors how to behave and care for me.  I have of course taken my responsibilities very seriously.  I have shown young and old appropriate hoof care, I have demostrated the correct way to take your human for a walk and of course have taught our very own feline friend mule manners.  Don't tell anyone but I'm quite happy with my new status but of course I can still be a juvenile delinquent when no one's looking!

6/. My Secret Love
I freely admit that I don't 'do' cats.  In fact I would go as far as saying that I really don't like felines.  However..... I LOVE my secret best friend Catanian.  When this bundle of fluff arrived last year I spotted a kindred spirit; a fearless, loyal and very noisy creature.  After lots of stomping (my part), chasing (both parts), posturing (both parts), scratching (her fault, my nose - ouch!) and hissing (typical woman!) we called a truce.  I'm so glad we did as I have discovered one of my very best friends.  Catanian is my number 1 mule rider, she blows me kisses and sometimes she is cheeky enough to bat me on the nose.... and when there's no one around she sleeps in the stable with Roller and I, she has given up on sleeping in her own room and she now has a Catanian sized impression in the corner of my stable, Roller and I are very careful and never stand on her. 

7/. Eating!
No 'Best Of' list would be complete without my favourite thing being mentioned.... FOOD!  I love to eat!  FH is really quite mean as she is always telling me that I am a little on the prosperous side.  Apparently I am about to start Weight Watchers for Mules, I don't know what that is but I'm not sure that I like the sound of it.....
I'm not fussy about the food as long as there's lots of it......
Straw, twigs, grass, flowers, hay, carrots, apples, hedgerow, grapes and logs.... oh and bananas!  I could eat all of them all day, every day - yum!

Well Muleteers there we have my favourites.  I'm a simple chap really.... friends, food, the odd scratch and a habit of sitting in laps, what could be better?! Til next time Muleteers, I'm off to see if I can find my Kitty Cat for some snoozing :-)


  1. My winter woolies are coming through which is a sure sign summer is on it's way out.
    My number one priority in life? well FOOD of course.

    1. Oh Zoe I knew you were a special short ears! You have all the right priorities :-) I think we shall soon be needing our winter woolies....

  2. Mi dear Mini, your dreams and likes have the uttermost beauty of the simple pleasures of Life. I love every aspect of your day, including the bonnet!. I think you look handsome and unique in it. I would be delighted to have you sit on my lap and scratch long your muleficient coat.

    Beautiful pictures on your daily whereabouts!.

    Let me tell you that I am also allergic to horsefly bites ... here in the countryside they abound and leave me in a miserable state!. I wonder, if you have demoted your pretty bonnet, may I borrow it for a while?.

    1. Dear Carmen I'm glad that you love my bonnet ;-) FH kept telling me it looked handsome too.... maybe I'll start to believe it! I would certainly be happy to send it your way though, I think it would look much better on you! Pesky flies, I don't like to complain but they are naughty, oh well guess there must be some down sides to being so lucky to live in the countryside....

      I am an experienced lap mule and very dainty, I have been teaching Catanian about this, she seems to be catching on :-)

      Sending velvety muzzle snuffles your way!