Wednesday, 26 September 2012

All Creatures Great and Small

Greetings Miaowleteers!  Catanian here, I have been keeping everyone in check and monitoring the Muleteers but I have recently noticed newcomers to Muleteer HQ.  It seems that all creatures great and small want to call this fine place their home.  We are always happy to share as long as these newcomers don't steal our food, as a feline I do like to size up the new arrivals to check their edibility (don't worry muleteers I hardly ever eat anyone as FH feeds me gourmet cat food so I'm too full!).  I was a little taken aback though when I glanced a snake hiding in my paddock, I am not normally a fraidy cat and will take on anything..... but I didn't really like the look of this invader all curled up in one of Dragon's hoof prints.

One look at this thing and I decided to watch from a safe distance!  At least I don't think this serpent can get me up here.  

I watched a little more and noticed than my snake invader uncurl and start to try and move towards me.... it looks a little angry!

The invader has a forked tongue.... how peculiar!  

Don't worry though Muleteers, FH came and told me that this rather fierce looking creature is in fact a slow worm not a snake at all and is certainly not dangerous.  In fact it's an endangered species that catches slugs and snails so we're very lucky to have him stop by, he is a slow worm with taste as he's come to Muleteer HQ.  I've been forbidden from hunting Mr Slow Worm by FH, she says there will be no special cat treats if I'm bad, secretly I have no idea where you'd start with Mr Slow Worm so I think I'll leave him be.....  

Which leads me on to my next invaders, now surely Miaowleteers these neighbours are no match for the mighty Catanian?  In case I need my trusty weapons I ensure that my claws are ready for action!

These boys don't look like a match for Catanian, I'm sure I could make one of them dinner if I really tried?  Somehow though I don't really feel hungry, they look like a large meal to me so I'll leave them be for the moment.....

On to my final invader of the evening... this one came hopping out from under a log!  There it was, ugghh it's all slimy and doesn't look very attractive.  This toad is definitely no Prince Charming.... I think I won't bother to kiss him! 

Finally I had considered the eating or leaving merits of all of the invaders of muleteer HQ until I decided to have a look at the strange creature that keeps pointing a funny box that flashes and clicks at me.... hmmm this looks like it could be a lot of fun to investigate, I wonder if it's edible?


  1. I have grass snakes living by my field. Human has found skins which they have shed. Last one was 2ft 6in eek. TW has seen live ones outside the boys field.
    Have never seen a slow worm can see why they are often mistaken for snakes.

  2. Wonderful encounters, lady Catanian. You are a prodigious huntress and very photogenic, too!.

  3. How lovely to be reminded of how stunningly beautiful you are. Be good pusscat now and leave the wildlife alone. Much love from us all at LB x x