Monday, 17 September 2012

Invasion of the Metal Mule

Dearest Muleteers I think FH has gone a little odd on her visit to the big city!  On her return her and MH brought us Muleteers something to look at... it would appear that they have acquired a pack mule?!  But not a normal pack mule they've acquired a less than mulificent pack mule... this is not a living, breathing creature with divine ears and voice.... no it is a piece of metal with wheels where there should be hooves?  Whatever has come over those humans.....

So we watched very carefully as MH wheeled this contraption in to our paddocks, we were not amused at the thought of having to share our home with such a pretender.  Apparently this mule does not require food, water, love or scratches, we have our suspicions that it is an alien!

Roller and I decided to have a closer look at this pretender, admittedly it was about our size and has legs at each corner but we are definitely convinced it is not from this planet.  Even Callie the brave sniffed out the pretender and decided that this was not a mule she would be flirting with (must be bad!)

MH decided to try to convince us by taking the pretender on a walk in to the paddock, well it's 4 hoof drive capabilities are rubbish and it seems a little obtuse and is not very forward going, definitely something not right here?

So I left Dragon and Roller to inspect further.... note the swishing tails, they are most certainly sussing out the pretender..


After a while I decided to ask FH what was going on, she is normally reasonably sane although I'm not sure this time!

It would appear that it's ok muleteers, this contraption has been acquired to help with the jobs around the yard, it is a more mulificent version of the wheel barrow and FH tells me that it will be perfect for carrying tonnes of yummy carrots and hay, well ok she actually only mentioned straw and shavings but a mule can dream!

But then.... another possibility has come to mind... now wouldn't I look mulificent pulling along the metal mule, now we'll see which mule's in charge then ;-)


  1. that metal mule isn't going to be very good at emotional support for the humans is it? I don't think you are going to be unemployed anytime soon.

  2. Lol. At least the metal 'mule' will not be pinching your hay or carrots.

  3. Those faces and tails are to die for!. May your sweet dreams come true, Mini!.