Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Mules: In a Nutshell

Worker, fighter, thinker, comedian... handsome!
Greetings Muleteers!  FH is often asked why mules?  There are some long answers but she has recently found the best short answer yet - it says it all!

So thanks Robert Miller!  Here's what he has to say...

"When asked why I like mules? I say "If you knew a man who would rarely start a fight, but was always capable of finishing one, who had very good judgement, high intelligence, a tremedous work ethic, but would never allow himself to be taken advantage of or overworked, what would your opinion of that person be?" Most people say that sounds like a person with character!"

That perfectly describes mules and it's the reason that we are the apple of our human's eye! 

We would like to add that it also has something to do with our amazing good looks, mulificent hearing, sense of humour and all round niceness :-)

Have a good week Muleteers, FH is off to the big city this week, we're happy not to be going too....


  1. Don't forget the awesome tabs xx

  2. Cute! Love the quote, mules seem similar to Haflingers. . .
    One of my friends has an 18+hh mule! Unfortunately, before she got him, he was worked pretty hard in the logging business, so now he is enjoying a relaxing retirement with his Clydesdale and Percheron buddies!