Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Queen Callie of Dreamland

Even super mules get sleepy!
Greetings Muleteers!  How tiring life is.... I spend most of the day eating but I'm also expected to chuckle at the humans (aka neighbray) to keep them happy and attentive, I have to guard Mule HQ, see off the local dogs and cats (except Catanian of course), inspect the boundaries at every opportunity, entertain countless guests, stand on three legs, look good, assist with gardening and hedge laying, keep watch over the minis and be personal beautician to them both, I even have to carry the human - how much can a girl take?!!  So when the sun was shining, the humans weren't looking and the minis were stuffing their faces I just decided to catch up on some beauty sleep!

I don't mind admitting that I'm rather fond of  a good snooze in the sunshine folks, I like a nice high up spot in the field so that I can stare in to the distance and keep check on the surroundings, I like to have my boys near so that they can protect me from any intruders, I need a full tummy with plenty of straw, some nice warm grass and the tweeting of the birds hurrying to fatten up for winter.

The Minis are essential company for a spot of dozing
When I lay down I am still nearly as tall as my mini mule pal!
I fell asleep so deeply that I think when I woke up I must have been daydreaming a little as I looked across and saw a strange creature, it looked like the push-me-pull-you creature from Dr Doolittle.... surely this was only a figment of my imagination? Perhaps it's time to get up and stop snoozing if I have such strange dreams....

The Mini and Roller or a strange Push-Me-Pull-You?
Wherever you are Muleteers sweet dreams, may they all come true - Queen Callie (at least in my dreams!) xx


  1. Dear Reina Callie, what a lovely sight you had when you opened your eyes!.

  2. Some very strange creatures appearing in your field, what with metal mules and now push me pull you creatures.
    Looks like a nice place for a snooze. Enjoy the last of the sunshine I don't think it's going to be here much longer if my winter fluff is to be believed.